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( Jan. 27th, 2014 04:03 pm)
So you guys. FESTIVIDS IS HAPPENING. I have not been great with the words and the brain of late, and I wanted to make my GO WATCH MY VIDS SOMEONE MADE FOR ME post when I had better words (and to my festividders for whom I was only able to manage random flailing capslock, I swear better comments are coming from me when I do). But I'm not sure when words are happening so I point them to you with the flailing anyway.

So y'all.

Stop Dragging My Heart Around (Indiana Jones). An Indy/Marion vid, you guys. I got an Indy/Marion vid. On the off chance that didn't cause you to go running (not walking) towards the link, what is wrong with you. I'll just be over there flapping my hands in an embarrassing fashion that ends with me accidentally hitting myself in the face and then not caring that I may have broken my own nose.

The Moment of Truth and Tonight You're Perfect (The Last Starfighter). And I also got not one, but TWO The Last Starfighter vids. TWO OF THEM. For meeeee and my mom. In a circumstance where 'your mom' is the exact opposite of an insult and a thing of LOVE. I will be honest with you now that this has happened, that I actually spent some of the run up to festivids secretly pouting a bit expecting that I wouldn't get a Last Starfighter vid at all and I really, really wanted one? AND THEN I GOT TWO. Both of which gave me so many feelings y'all. So. Many. Feelings. I can't. Words. THIS MOVIE. MY CHILDHOOD. THESE VIDDERS. MY MOM.


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