I have finally started on my auction vids and, oh my god, what has [personal profile] sweetestdrain done to me? I don't know whether to buy her a fruit basket or smack her.

See, I knew that Cameron/Ferris/Sloane was one of my proto-OT3s, however I did not realize just how much of an impact it had on my later shipping choices. I mean, Ferris Bueller is a movie I enjoyed a lot as a teen, but not one I revisited very often after or thought of as having any kind of lasting emotional effect on me. I was wrong.

Rewatching and then vidding it for OT3 purposes has opened the emotional floodgates and suddenly my inner teenager is, like, dancing around the room throwing glitter and making high pitched squealy noises and grabbing everyone who comes near to tell them the very important information that these three LOVE EACH OTHER VERY MUCH, OKAY? I just want them to get three way married and have adorably super confident but sometimes hypochondriac babies.

Did I spend my morning searching AO3 for OT3 fic for them? Yes, yes I did. Of which there actually is some, which surprised me. Though it shouldn't have. On account of HOW MUCH THEY LOVE EACH OTHER.

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omg, I rewatched the movie a few months ago so I could read/reread all the new and old Yuletide fic (which I think is 90% responsible for everything on AO3), and going into it with the OT3 foremost in mind is just...an experience. OMG. So many feelings and sparkly hearts and deep thoughts and FEELINGS. I refuse to believe the ultimate outcome of that story is anything other than a lifelong threeway marriage.
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There is some fantastically good fic for that on the AO3. And I am so excited that you're going to vid it.

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I don't think I have ever given you this update but, recently George and Morty, BFF's, have been joined by Jaspar the Vizsla and have become something of an OT3.

George is something of a moody creature and Morty sometimes has way too much energy for him so sometimes when Morty wants to wrestle, George gives him the brush off. Jaspar is very young and has tons of energy and loves to play with Morty.

This tends to piss George off. If George is not in the mood to wrestle, Morty shouldn't be either. There is a rule. It is an unwritten rule but, dogs can't read, anyway.

Jaspar has been determined to win George over and in the past few months, George has occasionally chosen to wrestle with Jaspar. He will usually only do this if Morty is around to be stare jealously at them.


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