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Title: Times Like These
Artist: Foo Fighters
Fandom: All Dogs Go To Heaven

Summary: You can't keep a good dog down.

Made for [personal profile] joyo, 'cause she is amazing.

notes: this was supposed to be a festivids treat that ended up being very, very, very late but is finally finished :) And yes, okay, I killed another dog, but in my own defense this time it was on request. Blame [personal profile] joyo? Many, many thanks to [personal profile] absolutedestiny for being my sounding board and keeping my secrets. <3

Download (69 MB) -- right click/save as

PASSWORD: doggie

times from fan eunice on Vimeo.

pointytilly: (I'M A BIRD)

From: [personal profile] pointytilly


The alligator in All Dogs Go To Heaven scared me as a kid (I think bits of it did in general), but I love the movie now :p. It gets me in feely places and so does this!


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