Woo, I fixed it so I could actually upload vid to youtube so the post now contains a streaming version.

Well, I say I fixed it, but really what I did was run it through the newest version of llamaenc and it magically made it 29.97 fps without fucking it up, because Ian is a genius and whatnot and 'run it through llamaenc' has sort of become my go to for 'something technical is wrong with my vid, fix it' issues.

Anyhoo, my post for today aside from the update on getting my vid to stream is a post. Hello. I am glad my vidblock finally broke and hoping it continues (well, it sort of has to continue at least long enough to let me finish the auction vid I was bought for). Who knows, perhaps the power of a former boyband star feeding a kitten will lead to some of the 8 billion projects sitting on my hard drive actually getting worked on/finished.


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