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( Apr. 22nd, 2015 10:59 am)
Posting every day miiiiight have been too ambitious of a goal. I'm going to keep trying, though. Anyhoo, today I talk about a thing I did not expect happening. Since you've met me, you probably know that I watch a lot of documentaries. So anyway, this morning I'm browsing around Netflix and I see this one called "Indie Game. The Movie." and I'm thinking, hey, why not. So I push play expecting to see a behind the scenes sort of thing on how the indie game industry works and it's history or whatever. Figure it will be an interesting way to kill some time and learn something. not what I took away from it. I mean, there's some of that, certainly. But what it was, for me anyway, ended up being an emotionally raw exploration of the vulnerabilities that drive creation and for good and bad, how it feels to make something and share it. I wish I were better at words to describe what I mean by that. I only know that by the time the documentary hit the 'release day'/'demo day' part for the two games it was following I had literally started crying and didn't stop until after the credits rolled (complicated tears, positive and negative).

It is very possible that this was just the result of my current brain issues and there is nothing particularly compelling or revealing to anyone who is not me? I only know when I woke up this morning 'Full on crying at a documentary about indie video games' was NOT WHAT I WAS EXPECTING. So there you go. That's my post for today.


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