Random post is random. Anyhoo, ever since my son came home on vacation with the news that EA had released the entirety of Sims 2 for free (the offer is now over), I have fallen into a Sims hole that doesn't appear to have any end in sight. I rapidly acquired 3 and started playing that too, and then caved within a day of 4 being released so all three versions are on my computer now and I'm playing all of them. Since I have nothing else going on in my life and it's been forever since I made a post, let us talk about Sims 4.

Basically if you have read the arguments and the howling, all I gotta say is. Fuck the haters, this has the potential to be the best Sims game of all time, and is already a stupid amount of fun, and let me tell you why. The new multi-tasking plus emotions features are, in a nutshell, completely fucking AWESOME particularly when it comes to autonomous decisions by the sims. I wasn't even going to play any of my fannish households until more expansion material came out, but I became so enamoured with how utterly charming the Sims are in 4 with my randomized family (SO CHARMING), that I went ahead and made a John Sheppard and Rodney McKay to stick in a house.

Those of you who have talked to me about my Sims addiction know that I love to play them primarily because no matter which version, or how many saved games within a version I put Sim!John in he manages to turn his life into a hot mess in utterly hilarious ways, and also ends up taking the brunt of every randomized disaster possible. I'm sure some of this is how I play him (though I have yet to figure out what I'm doing so different than to how I play Sim!Rodney, who always ends up being a relatively self-sufficient Sim who can be left unsupervised for more than five seconds without lighting his face on fire). But it's not entirely me, and I can prove that by telling you about the time I put a copy of Sim!John in a house I was building just to test the routing. I didn't have him do anything but 'go here'. He got hit by a random meteor and died less than five minutes after I plunked him on the lot.

So yes. Sim!John Sheppard is like my hilarous bad life choices crack. And 4 is now adding to this experience. So anyhow, I plunked them down into the house I built for them, filled with shit specific to the personality/aspirations I gave them. Given how lively the Sims 4 sims are without being directed I decided to give them some time to do what ever they wanted to get a feel for how they were going to play during the times I was hands off one or the other.

True to form, Sim!Rodney, after a moment of contemplation, grabbed a book about programming off the shelf and happily started reading. Sim!John...flitted about the house picking up this thing or that thing for five seconds and then putting it down like a bored ADD toddler for awhile and then wandered over to bug Sim!Rodney. Within less than five minutes his wish bubbles included 'Flirt with Rodney'...SCORE, and I didn't have to do anything. When Rodney wandered off to take a nap the first thing happened that made me laugh out loud. John went back into bored ADD toddler mode for a bit and then settled on what he wanted to do. Go hang out at the computer next to Rodney's bed (where he was still napping) and, I swear to god, he started "Trolling teh forums".

AND THEN SHIT GOT AMAZING. Finished trolling, John resumed his wandering and happened on the shelf I put all the kids toys on (they both have Childish in their personality traits). OMG, y'all. He went straight for the pink unicorn (of course he did) in a show of Sim enthusiasm rarely witnessed before, and I would have been cracking up regardless at his flailing around with a pink unicorn, but then it GOT BETTER. Because Sim!Rodney woke up, walked in, saw Sim!John and the toy shelf and practically started leaping up and down in excitement before running over to grab a toy robot (of course he did) off the shelf and plunking himself down on the floor next to Sim!John to play with it. And then they were like, "I HAVE A UNICORN" and "I HAVE A ROBOT"..."HEY WANNA PLAY UNICORN AND ROBOT TOGETHER?"..."YES, LETS" and they proceeded to sit on the floor of their living room waving said unicorn and robot at each other playing for, like, an entire sim!hour. I have no idea what kind of game involves both a pink unicorn and a robot? But they were super into it whatever it was. I WAS DYING. Every last penny I spent on Sims 4 was rewarded in that moment.

Y'all, I did not tell them to do any of this. This was entirely undirected by me. As is the fact that when hungry, Rodney will go to the microwave if he's eating autonomously, because fuck cooking, and also favors heading for the coffee pot instead of sleep when his energy starts getting low, and has an unhealthy relationship with the tub that has jets in it. And John will attempt to cook despite being horribly bad at it, and after injuring himself several times (of course he does) will end up with a poor quality, like, salad that he doesn't want to eat, gets impatient and bored super easy, is already stalking sim!Rodney, likes to watch football/sports on the tv, and did I mention the pink unicorn. He hasn't really had time to get into too much trouble, except the part where I'm worried about him setting his face on fire (it's sim!tradition at this point that he do so at least once), but I can already tell hot mess sim!John is well in play.

I fucking love this game and sims 4 is turning out to be motherfucking epic.
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