Day 2 in the life of Sims 4 Sim!John and Sim!Rodney...mostly for my own benefit because I want to be able to come back and remember this, because what the hell is this game, OMFG. I'll put it under the cut, because warning THIS GETS LONG.

Was it just yesterday they were happily playing unicorn and robot on the living room floor and joint trolling the forums while flirting? Did I really think anything with these two knuckleheads would be that easy? And, okay, the sequence of events that follows is *partly* my fault (both intentional and...not) but NOT ENTIRELY, OKAY.

At last we hit the option to become 'best friends' (I enthusiastically click option on pie menu), and because John had been autonomously flirting with Rodney their romance bar already had a pretty good head start when I decided it was time to send them on a date. IT WENT AWESOME (that is the last time this phrase will occur for that definition of awesome). I did wonder where that bowl of cereal John was eating went, but I didn't realize it would come back to haunt both of us.

But yes, a most excellent date that opened up the 'ask to be boyfriend' option (enthusiastic clicking on option ensues). In fact, this date went well enough to buy a double bed for the woohooing they were both clamoring for by the end of it. John left Rodney in a very good mood when he went to work the next morning if you know what I mean, and I'm sure you do.

...too good a mood. Because yes, the option to make flirty heart cookies was pretty dang cute but by the end of the sim day, Rodney was starting to creep me out with how pleasant he was being. When he autonomously hugged John when he came home from work, I...could not take it anymore. But, look, when I was playing my other Sim family one single insult generally brought about a brief negative reaction and some grumpiness but not...I did not take into account the first rule of any sim game I put John Sheppard in. If he can find a way to ruin everything, he will. Because he massively overreacted and started a huge fight that just...went downhill rapidly until they were both deeply in the red zone of anger and the insults were flying faster on both sides than I could even catch what all of them were in the socials queue.

And since I generally don't interfere with autonomous socials, just add to them occasionally when the conversation needs a took me a second to remember I could stop the argument and by the time I did, Rodney had already queued up 'denounce friendship' and managed to go through with it before I could get the mouse over to cancel it. Now John is both crying *and* furious, Rodney's still yelling, and everything is going to hell. Sending John off to the punching bag and Rodney to calm himself down in the mirror didn't help much.

And then when searching the socials for something to help is when I noticed that being angry had opened up a bunch of shit on the romantic socials menu like 'compliment sarcastically', and 'frenzied kiss' and...basically the lead up to angry woo hooing. WELL OKAY THEN, GAME. Then they both passed out and woke up the next morning in a better mood but...their friendship bar had dropped by half (romantic was still full, I guess the angry woo hoo went well? which is good because ...well, you'll see in a moment).

So I'm spending the sim!morning trying to repair their friendship and glad John has the day off work so I have the time for it. And it's getting somewhere when they both come on a bit flirty, so I"m like 'okay, woohooing puts them in a good mood...I'll let them go do it in the observatory and it'll make keeping them in good socials for the rest of the day easier'. But John. Because he comes out of the observatory with a confident mood, strutting around like 'yeah, I'm a stud' and has a strong moodlet for satisfying woohoo. And then Rodney follows. With a stack of orange bad moodlets. Grossed out by bad hygeine, unsatisfied with bad woohoo, he's unhappy all over. And I'm like, WTF, John's hygiene bar isn't that low. Which is when I discover what happened to that bowl of cereal. Dumbass put it in his pocket and left it there until it spoiled. NICE ONE JOHN. And now I can't do anything with their friendship until Rodney's mood has improved.

So, okay. John needs to have four friends who are not Rodney in order to get promoted for work. I reckon I'll send them off to the bar where he can meet some people, and since I can't let Rodney take his bad mood out on John while they are still precarious, I figure I'll let him blow off some steam there as well. But at the bar John immediately came over 'tense' and miserable because he hates people on account of his 'loner' trait. And it's like pulling teeth to get him to actually carry a conversation with anyone. Fine, John.

Since I could not deal with his special snowflakeness at that moment, I sent Rodney to insult some bar patrons. Which he was all about. And when it hit the point where I had to determine whether or not it was in character for him to imply someone's mother was a llama, well, you can guess what choice I made. Rodney got beat up, y'all. And when I click back over on John he's now tense from all the people and upset about witnessing a fight. And decides to deal with his discomfort by...hiding behind the bar and doing push ups? I DO NOT UNDERSTAND YOU SIM!JOHN.

They both perked up when they got home, and were again coming on all flirty. And look, I was extremely dubious about it because of how things had been going, but I am not an unkind sim!god so I told them to go ahead and go for it. I should've followed my instincts, because after they both slunk away from the bed to different parts of the house with twin 'embarrassed by bad woo hoo performance' moodlets. That happened.

And John still needs to make friends for work. The gym, I think (remembering his random push ups at the bar) maybe he can make friends while running on the treadmill, and I'll just leave Rodney at home. And he's okay when it's just one sim he's talking to. Pleasant conversation even. Until other sims join the conversation and he clams up entirely and gets all tense again while I assume he's wishing them all into the cornfield. And then one of them gets all flirty mood about him, which starts making me nervous enough to haul Rodney over to the gym to insult her. Or SO I THINK.

Because Rodney gets there, sees John on the treadmill and ignores my directions entirely in favor of talking to John while he runs. NOW John is totally chatty...with Rodney. And I'm trying to get him to talk to other people, but he's like 'yeah, but I have this great joke about chicken butts I want to tell Rodney first' and suddenly his socials menu when I click on other sims include shit like 'Lie about being a criminal mastermind'. What.

Clearly Rodney was being a bad influence and didn't they just want to punch each other in the face not 24 sim hours ago??? And John needs to make at least a few new friends Rodney so go home. Which he won't. I mean, it's sitting there in his queue alright. 'go home'. But he keeps autonomously pushing his socials to the front of the queue to delay it so I have to keep cancelling them (no, really Rodney, you can 'share your brilliant ideas' with John when he comes home, NOW GO AWAY).

As soon as Rodney is gone any conversation I try and get John to start turns into an 'awkward encounter', which I checked his queued up socials and was like 'I really don't think making a joke about gross food is going to make this less awkward, John'...and he was like 'Shut up, Rodney thought my chicken butt joke was hilarious, and why do I need a promotion on the astronaut track anyway when my boyfriend is already building a rocket ship in the backyard?'

And I just...gave up and sent him home. Where you could hear Rodney playing with his toy robot from the sidewalk. And when John walked in and headed to the bathroom, Rodney followed him and proceeded to sit down on the bathroom floor and wave his robot at John and crack him up. While John peed.

Yup. That was my Sim day.
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