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( Sep. 6th, 2008 06:19 pm)
Have I mentioned lately how happy Spiderman is making me? I'm still working my way through Ultimate Spiderman, and last weekend I went ahead and bought all three movies...because, happy! I'm a little twitchy about eventually branching out beyond Ultimate comics wise because of things I have been told, but I think if I can cope with several different canons, I can certainly dismiss the stuff I don't like in any given one, right?

And I want as much as possible. Because I look at Spiderman and it's just, yes that's my superhero. Right there. The adorkable little geekboy who is not suddenly cool because he has superpowers. He doesn't brood, he pouts. Emoishly. With his hair hanging in his little face. And even when he's flying around saving the day, it's with the kind of geeky glee that I know I'd have if I could suddenly swing from tall buildings. You can't be cool if you have that much awareness of how OMGCOOL what you're doing is. He's still Peter Parker, with or without the mask.

And so sweet. Such a sweet boy, I want to feed him cookies. Even his origin story, tragic though it is, has that sweetness. He's not so much avenging Ben's death as trying to live up to the man Ben believed he could be. And OMGFLAIL at that. This is what I love about fictional escape at it's core. This idea that the world might be a big mess of suck, but we can imagine that if we could be our better selves, maybe it wouldn't so much. That's where hope is. If humanity has a strength that's what it is, the ability to pretend we're better than that, and then maybe sometimes we are.

I'm not making any sense here. But, yes, Spiderman makes me happy. Carry on. I think I need to go hunt down an icon.


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