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( Feb. 14th, 2008 09:34 am)
I am so never going to catch up on LJ. I am also not going to be recovered enough from travel for any sort of proper Torchwood episode posts this week. So we will go with the much squeeing of my reaction to certain parts of Reset

Torchwood 2x06, Reset )
Fandom: Doctor Who
Song/Artist: Don't Touch That Dial/Bettie Serveert
Characters: Martha/Ten
Download: Right click, save as (36.7 MB, Divx file)

Description: we're playing operation tease...

imeem streaming link

Notes: With thanks to [ profile] heresluck for giving me the song (again), and for talking through the concept with me, to [ profile] renenet for beta, and [ profile] absolutedestiny for checking the timing. And the many cheerleaders who didn't let me give up.

feedback is almost as awesome as Martha
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( Aug. 20th, 2007 10:43 am)
You know I love my Ten, right? See Moons of Jupiter for evidence of how much I love my Ten. Which is why it is so distressing just how much I want to punch him in the face making this current vid. Because OMG Martha is so awesome and so gorgeous and right there in front of his face and I want to grab him and shake him very hard and yell "WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?!?" until he gets it. Which he won't. Because I believe that emotional retardation when it comes to humans is a fundamental aspect of the Doctor...and mostly I'm okay with that because I have a weird weakness for that kind of cluelessness even as I tend to cheer other characters around such a person far, FAR away (see also: Spike, for very different reasons with the same effect). BUT MARTHA IS SO MADE OF AWESOME. And now I have to calm down because it's not really an angry vid about punching the Doctor in the face. The moron.

*breathes into paper bag and steps away from vid for a few hours*
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( Aug. 18th, 2007 10:03 am)
I've started working on the Martha/Ten vid again, and can I just say that oh my goodness the camera LOVES Freema. A lot. I mean, I knew that but messing around with the footage without the distraction of dialogue and plot just...damn. Gorgeous is kind of an understatement. So, anyway I think I've got it under control conceptually at this point, in that talking out what I've got so far with [ profile] heresluck helped me clarify where I'm trying to go with it, and at this point it's a matter of filling out all the blank spaces (of which there are MANY, *headdesks*) and getting the clips to fit together right.

This is also new territory for me in terms of POV I think, which is interesting and making me think harder as I work it. I've done single POV vids before but they are generally about the *other* person in the vid, from the view of the "speaker". Lullaby is in many ways about Neil from Todd's perspective. Forever Young is Richie as Duncan sees him. Running Down a Dream and Moons of Jupiter are more about telling *us*, the audience, about the main "speaker" of the vid. Whatever it Takes might be closer, but it's a dual POV and the audience for what they are saying is much broader than each other. And, of course, Swing Down is third person. This one...and I love [ profile] heresluck for pulling this out and making me realize this is what I was doing...this one is Martha, speaking directly to Ten, about *herself*. And that's *tricky* y'all. I worry about pulling it off. I fear there will be much "Vidding is HARD" whining until it's done.

*puts nose back to grindstone*
This is the part where you all whisper behind my back "Good grief is she still going on about Martha?" and start staging an intervention or something. Because yes, yes I am. Blame [ profile] taraljc for having interesting conversations at brunch that leave me rolling things around in my head that I need to write out to get a handle on.

Martha, The Doctor, and Rose )
Between my trip to Seattle and his visit to his grandfather I wasn't able to get my son his copy of the Who finale until last night. And clearly I passed on something to him because his reaction was so in line with mine that I could've been writing his IMs to me after he watched it. He's pretty much been doing this all season without any sort of prompting from me. In fact I've been trying to hold back in conversations until I hear what he has to say on purpose, just to see how close it is if I'm not actively influencing his opinion. And, of course I've been a big part of raising him and all...but we don't currently live in the same state or watch the show together at all, I just IM it to him once a week (for those of you who are new here, he's 15). It's just weird to think I have somehow done something that he often thinks so much like me...or maybe I didn't and it's just coincidence..or...hell, I dunno, raising kids is strange y'all.

What the Boy had to say )
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( Jun. 14th, 2007 11:57 am)
Chatting with [ profile] luna_k this morning about how very tragic it is that there is not nearly enough Ten/Martha porn in the world. And doesn't it just figure that I go and get on board a hetship and end up with so little porn? This is wrong I tell you. WRONG. Martha is hawt people. And marvelous. And she wants her some Doctor sexing, so can we please give it to her? 'Cause she deserves it. Luna is talking about starting a campaign. Lets make it happen people.

*pins on button and waves flag*


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