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( Jul. 20th, 2008 10:24 pm)
You know what makes everything better? Roller coasters. There was Six Flags today after brunch today and it was awesome. And making it even more awesome was this thing called a Flash Pass which I am going to praise to the skies. See, you pay extra for one of these sort of pager looking thingies for your group. When you want to go on one of the rides covered (the big ones with the long lines) it lets you push a button to reserve a time. Then, instead of spending the next two hours packed in line and having panic attacks while drunk teenagers elbow you, you and your friends go and sit in the shade or shop or ride one of the smaller rides for 15 to 20 minutes or so. The pager thingie then buzzes at you when it is time and you smugly walk to your own special Flash entrance and pretty much just walk right up on the ride while everyone stuck in the long melty sweaty line glares at you and grinds their teeth. This is the BEST THING EVER. I imagine it wouldn't be worth the cost on a day when the park isn't very crowded, but on a hot Sunday in the middle of summer? Worth every last penny.

Flying through the air on Superman has put me in a much, much better mood today. Never underestimate the power of getting tossed upside down and having funnel cakes with friends to cure even the darkest mood.
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( Jul. 1st, 2008 01:31 pm)
I am attempting to get myself back to a pack (or under, preferably under) of cigarettes a day. I tend to chain smoke when I vid, even worse when I'm feeling frustrated or stuck, which can drag me up to pretty scary levels of amounts of smoke sucked into my lungs on a daily basis. My lungs hate me right now, but my brain is demanding I keep up the level of nicotine. The resulting scary coughing on the one hand and twitching on the other sucks a lot. At the moment I've got myself on a timed system of rationing that allows for one an hour at most. I expect my brain to adjust within a few days.

Damn, but this is a stupid habit. I feel like I might be gearing up to try and quite entirely again, though likely not until after Vividcon. I'm thinking what I'll probably do is take my smokes money at that point and go ahead and invest in a used Playstation and Guitar Hero. It keeps both my hands busy, while appealing to the obsessive part of my brain that will want to keep playing the same song over and over and over and over again for a higher score for hours and hours. I think I'll call that a plan. Quit date post-VVC (exact date to be determined)...Guitar Hero as my methadone.
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( Jun. 12th, 2008 04:00 pm)
All that good mojo you guys sent out worked. Cody went for a proper walk today! He is still wobbly and sore but moving around much better than he was and appears to be on course for a full recovery. Good dog. It is a good thing I don't leave my house very much or I would be randomly hugging strangers right now. YAY!!!!!!
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( May. 16th, 2008 07:59 am)
I am home with car! Many thanks for the music suggestions which were of great assistance in keeping me sane. Have you ever driven across Ohio on the turnpike? Every time I do it just reconfirms the place it has on the top of my 'most boring drive' list. Mind numbingly boring. Torture level boring. And it goes on forever and ever and ever to the point where you start to wonder if perhaps you took a wrong turn into a Twilight Zone episode where the entire world has been turned into the Ohio Turnpike and you are doomed to just keep going until you die of old age. Thank goodness for [ profile] vagabondage who didn't mind me calling her a gazillion times with such exciting topics of conversation as "I think Ohio is trying to kill me, doesn't it EVER END?", and "The driver in front of me is a douchebag, I just thought someone should know.", and a detailed explanation of how scanning for radio stations because I didn't want to try and dig through CDs while passing trucks ended up with me listening to Straight Up by Paula Abdul and deciding I should totally vid Jack/Ianto to it (Don't you think Ianto deserves to know if Jack straight up is gonna love him forever, or if he's just having fun? I do! Or I did when Ohio drove me insane). My intense fear and dislike of phones was simply no match for the desperate need for some distraction to keep me from driving off the side of the road on purpose just to get some variety.

I have not yet seen last week's Doctor Who, and by the looks of the stuff I have to get done today on account of being gone all week I probably won't get a chance until tomorrow, when I'll just do a double play and watch both at the same time. My dissapointment at being a week behind is slightly made up for by the fact that it means I get a double shot of squee and glee. And now that the final piece of the moving puzzle is in place (CAR!), I am really, really, really hoping for more fannish time.

Once again I find myself a week behind on LJ and no real way of catching up, so if anything happened while I was gone, catch me up! *smooches to you all*
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( May. 6th, 2008 12:58 pm)
I'll be flying up to Maryland on Friday to visit with the kiddo for a week and then driving my car (I CAN HAS CAR) back. It's a fairly easy drive, but it's also long and boring, which means music will be key. I'm rather lame when it comes to discovering music, but I'd like to have a bit of variety this trip in addition to my usual CDs. So here's your chance to pimp your favorite driving music. Tell me about your favorite songs and/or playlists for long drives. Any genre welcome. :) I will do my best to get hold of everything suggested to put together for the drive so it'll almost be like you guys are with me the whole way. :D
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( Apr. 18th, 2008 01:22 pm)
I should be packing boxes today. I am not packing boxes because UPS is horrible. HORRIBLE. It went down like this, when the boxes were ordered online a specific note was made that I am not in the directory for my building (due to another screw up that I don't have time to rant about), so I would need to be contacted when the boxes were to be delivered so I could go downstairs and get them. This note never made it to UPS, I don't know if that was them or the box people. UPS tries to deliver the boxes, sees I am not in the directory and leaves. They do not leave a sticky note on the door or any other indication they were there. I wait for my boxes. They do it again, still not leaving any note on the door. I, thank goodness, check my tracking info online and discover that they have done this, and there is a note in the file saying a postcard was left for me to contact them. There wasn't. I call them and explain the directory situation, to which they are unhelpful and finally conclude that they simply can't deliver to me in my building the way it stands. My boxes are at the central UPS location. I have to come get them. Fine. I say, look, I have no car...I have to arrange a ride, so I will be by in a few days to get them, please hold the shipment. They tell me this is fine and that they will do so. This conversation takes place on Tuesday. This is important. Because when I get there last night to pick up the boxes, they are gone. They have been shipped back. They are already returned, have arrived back at the box place. Which means they had to have been shipped back on the day I spoke to UPS or the morning after. Either before they told me they were still there and would be held, or after they told me they would hold them. I hate them. I hate them a lot.

Since I am being Ianto for the purposes of this move, is it acceptable for me to raid the central UPS warehouse with a stun gun? I can think of several people I spoke to last night that deserve a stun gun to the forehead. Pray I get boxes in time, UPS people, pray.


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