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( Oct. 8th, 2008 11:32 am)
Okay, so winter is coming up which means I stop shaving my head soon, because I live in Chicago and I'm not insane. It gets cold here, y'all. It is still a bit early, however I have been letting it grow out the last month because I have an important decision to make. The UK trip is coming up at the end of this month and I could do one of two things for it. Continue to let my hair grow long enough for an actual haircut before hand and dye it blue because blue hair makes me happy or I could keep shaving it and let it start to grow out when I get back. Or I could just act my age and be practical and get a normal grown up haircut. I still can't make up my mind. So I poll!

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( Sep. 29th, 2008 05:12 pm)

1. New Sarah Jane today, YAY! I'm going to download it tonight for watching tomorrow, and I'm ten kinds of giddy that I seem to be finding actual excitement in the idea of watching something. I am hoping this will kickstart me into watching everything I haven't yet and getting my fannish glee back on. If anyone can do it Sarah Jane Smith and her plucky band of alien fighting teenagers can. *heart*

2. Guitar Hero Aerosmith is way easier than Guitar Hero Legends of Rock. I know this because I managed to play three songs on hard (with the orange button OMG) on it, while I still can just barely play some of the songs on medium on Legends of Rock.

3. Debate, bailout, election, politics...I'd say something but it would end in screaming fits of rage at a country that doesn't feel like it belongs to me. I love Obama, I have some hope that we're not completely fucked, but most of the time I look around and think we are so fundamentaly broken as a country that I don't really see a way out. I hope I'm wrong.


How are you guys?
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( Jul. 16th, 2008 07:22 pm)
It is less than an hour until new Project Runway! For someone who spends the majority of her time in pajama bottoms and t-shirts I love that show way too much. Then again, I also watch the Food Network obsessively and I can't remember the last time I turned on my stove, so there you go.

I finally went to read the Who kink meme after seeing so many people talk about it, and it was as if the universe was trying to make up for my earlier fic crankiness by giving me a bunch of really hot porn along with some surprisingly well characterized little ficlets of goodness. And also one that is fanfic as Jack would write it which is the best thing ever and made me laugh so hard it hurt. Really the only thing missing is the part where Jack throws a read and review hissy fit and holds the rest of the chapters hostage for more comments. BECAUSE YOU KNOW HE WOULD.

I have decided it is time to start actively trying to get over my fear of commenting on other people's LJs instead of waiting for the rare moments when I don't freak out about it to comment. I hate that I miss out on interesting discussions and offering hugs and support when my people are having a rough time or just...letting y'all know that yes, I'm reading, yes I dig what you have to say. So if I randomly start popping up in your comments over the next few days, HI! If I don't, it is because I am a big old freak, but I totally still love you. Next up after I conquer this is to get over the not leaving feedback thing.

I might start vidding again very, very soon. I've managed to get a few real life things done around here that needed to get done which is inspiring me to get more done and if I can then I will be free to dive back in. Vividcon is coming SOON which will likely kick my vidbrain into high gear as well. OMG VVC.

You all rule. Needed to be said.
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( Jun. 28th, 2008 02:23 pm)
I am attempting to distract myself while I wait for a torrent. So I'm thinking about aliens. Well, I've been thinking about aliens since yesterday when I somehow ended up watching UFO Hunters on History Channel and rolling my eyes a *lot*. The weird thing is that the more I learn about space and science and the universe the more convinced I become that it is highly likely that life is abundant out there, and probable that at least some of it is intelligent. I also become less convinced that there has ever been any sort of contact or may ever be. Why? Distance + the laws of physics. The universe is huge. On a scale I don't think is truly comprehensible. I can't wrap my mind around it all when I try to think in the actual distances, and I know I scale them down in my mind to make sense of them. I'm not ruling out the possibility that techonology could be invented or properties of the universe could be controlled (wormholes!) in such a way that the distances could be crossed. It's just that the odds of both that happening, and that of the species that would cross, ours would be one of them in this vast space...they aren't very high. Practically non-existent I'd wager. That if it did, it would occur in the ways described by so many UFO encounters just...strikes me as silly. It is fun fiction, what if we could cross those distances and somehow, along the way, find that improbable needle in a haystack. It would be totally cool. It's tantalizing, especially once you realize how likely the possibility that somone is out there to be found is. But little grey men visiting Earth? Nah. Didn't happen. Us being able to travel in any way that would put us in reach of the little grey men's planet? Unlikely, definitely not going to happen in anything approaching my lifetime.

Which is okay. There is all sorts of cool stuff to discover that we can reach. And if we'd like to not be, y'know, extinct we do sort of need to find some more habitable worlds (or figure out how to make some habitable) at some point. Which is in reach before we lose this one (and we WILL, not if....when), if we manage to keep from killing ourselves off. So that's all pretty awesome. Intergalactic block parties, not so much.

Guess I'll just have to wait for the Doctor to HURRY UP AND COME GET ME ALREADY. Much like Donna, I already have my bags packed. *twiddles thumbs*
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( Jun. 20th, 2008 09:29 am)
There is ICE ON MARS, you guys! ICE! ON MARS! How awesome is that? Ice means water, liquid water...liquid water means the possibility of life. One of the coolest things about the recent phase of space exploration is that the more we learn the more likely it becomes that we will eventually find something in our own solar system that proves life. And if it can happen twice here, in this teeny tiny little speck of a spot in the universe, then that means life is a common feature. I just...I don't even have the words for how huge that is. We found ice on Mars. What the hell are we doing with our petty human squabbles, dividing ourselves up into warring factions of the same species? Look up humanity, we're in this one together, and it's a pretty good bet we aren't the only game in town.
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( Jun. 18th, 2008 04:28 pm)
When We Left Earth is a series running on Discovery channel about the NASA space program and it is making me ridiculously happy. It's so easy to be ho-hum about the fact that we went to the moon. Because it was so successful sometimes it seems like it's just something we did. But it was amazing. Astonishing. The fact that we went at all, much less that it was done in ten years. I tear up every episode I watch because with everything that is wrong with people, this is what is amazing about us. This desire to see and to know and to explore and the will and creativity and ingenuity to just...decide to leave the planet and then do it. To come up with a way. So freaking cool. And when I think that right now the Pheonix Lander is on is on Mars...taking pictures and data and giving us a window into the possibility of life in the universe and someday one of us is going to stand there on another planet. Maybe there's hope for us yet. It's up on On Demand, so if you've got it, check it out.


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