Despite [ profile] greensilver making completely baseless accusations, my poll was totally fair and unbiased. She just can't handle the TRUTH of Ianto's move busting. So much so that she went and cheated by spending far more time than was in the rules (what? there were rules. I just made them up now) using her superior vidding skills to counter my very prompt and timely response to [ profile] nestra's request for more information, which was totally not a bribe. So FINE. Two can play at that game, and I hereby offer up my counter-counter-response. My vidding skills may not be as mighty as hers, but I have TRUTH ON MY SIDE.

How Ianto Got His Groove Back (10 mb Divx file, right-click-save-as please)

Watch me spam! This post brought to you by this clip on YouTube of GDL messing around and rapping as Ianto. Embedded under the cut:

Ianto raps! )

Now, aside from proving that Welsh white boys should never pursue hip-hop as a career, this has led to a bit of a disagreement with [ profile] greensilver. See, I now believe that, sometimes? Late at night when he thinks he's all alone in the Hub? Ianto busts a move. This is now canon in my head. As is the fact that Jack sometimes catches him at it, but says nothing because then Ianto would stop doing it and it's providing way too much amusement for Jack for him to want it to stop. [ profile] greensilver insists that, although he may sometimes sing along with his iPod under his breath with a teensy amount of bopping along, there is no move busting. Clearly she is WRONG. Let's poll.

[Poll #1142602]


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