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( Jan. 6th, 2008 12:58 pm)
Finally started the Buffy rewatch with the first episode of season 7. And I started taking notes and stuff to post, I may still do. But mostly I was just hit with an overwhelming wave of love for MY SHOW, and these characters. Buffy! Dawn! Xander! Willow! Giles! Anya! Spike! Snarky quips! Asskicking! I may have actually squeed out loud when the opening credits ran and the theme song kicked in. I won't admit to any dancing around my living room doing air guitar, but I think you know me well enough that I don't have to. I love these people and their world. I love them SO MUCH. I can't tell yet if I'll be in the mood to be thinky about them again this time through. 'Cause at the moment I'm just wallowing. I'm remembering. Yes, this show, it is always going to have this place in my fannish heart. It was harder right after it ended to do this sort of wallowing, because it had ended, and there was all that sadness of letting go to deal with...adjusting to it being over. I'm adjusted now, and it's ALL ABOUT THE LOVE.

*explodes with happiness*

I so fail for not still having a BtVS icon.
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( Sep. 10th, 2007 09:35 am)
I was talking with [ profile] pipsqueak the other day about how much the current state of the 'ship tension in Doctor Who fandom reminds us so much of The Really Ugly Years of Buffy fandom (wanna see my scars? Adored Angel, loved Riley, Spuffy 'shipper, *and* a Spike/Angel slasher, *and* a Buffy/Spike/Angel OT3 'shipper...there was a time I couldn't go *anywhere* without being hated by someone).

Which led to me cracking myself up this morning trying to place all the players in terms of 'ship identity (not personalities or character, though that might be fun to do). So, if, in relationship terms only, Doctor=Buffy and Rose=Angel and Martha=Riley....does this mean Donna will be Spike?


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