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( Jan. 23rd, 2007 09:33 am)
I am in greedy input mode right now...mainlining shows like heroin and having the time of my life. So far the big winners of this particular round of multi-gig torrenting and watching till my eyes bleed marathoning have been Heroes and Eureka. I'd add Jake 2.0 to that assesement except for the part where the fact that it was cancelled is harshing my buzz.

Heroes has me in fits of pure GLEE. So much to's like the writers took a checklist of Things Eunice Loves in a story and went down it ticking off every box. And then on top of that? They gave me Hiro. Who is just the most adorkable superpowered fanboy in the universe. There is no limit to my love for Hiro. I have no real thinky thoughts or theories or anything yet on account of I'm still wallowing in joy. WHEEE, SHINY.

Eureka was the surprise. I watched the pilot when it originally aired and was unimpressed enough that I never bothered with the rest of the series. I gave it another shot based on word of mouth and I'm glad I did, because that was fun. Once I got past the pilot I found myself charmed by the characters and relationships and looking forward to seeing more when the new episodes air (and when is that? does anyone know?). So, yay for that.

I'm hoping to kickstart out of input into output mode soon. I did dust off an old vid idea and started working on it, but I find it's kind of stalled at the moment...and that's okay. I go in phases and sometime soon I will overload on marathons and my brain will demand I start booting stuff out of it to clear room for more. *g*


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