Challenge met! How succesfully is up for debate, but Nathan is now officially crying on a beach!

Title: Love Hurts
Artist: Nazareth
Fandom: Haven

Summary: Nathan Wuornos has a LOT OF FEELINGS. About Audrey. On a beach. So many feelings. If you notice a shortage of feelings in the world supply it's because Nathan has all of them. Along with my heart.

Download(39 MB)--right click, save

Streaming behind the cut!! )

God, so many thanks to [personal profile] trelkez for playing reindeer games with me in my time of need. It was a bit terrifying to make a vid in 24 hours (um, and the 24 hour part shows), but also fun and I have missed sharing a fandom with her where spontaneous insanity occurs. <3 <3 <3 [personal profile] trelkez. And as soon as I have the link to her entry I will give it here so that you may also sample Nathan's pain in Duke flavor. edit: she posted! it's up here! yay!
Thanks to [ profile] greensilver (and really, there's so much she can be blamed for), and The Best Story Evar, I suddenly find myself 'shipping The Hugh and The Tennant. This despite my usual absolute disinterest in RPF, and the fact that they've never even shared breathing space on the same continent as far as I know. I think I might have been okay, except for the part where [ profile] greensilver, provided the ongoing adventures in IM in which they play Guitar Hero over the phone. You see, Tennant plays on medium but lies and says he's playing on expert...and Hugh plays on expert but lies and says it's really difficult when he's really barely glancing at the screen because he's got the patterns all memorized. The mental image this formed in my head was so freaking ADORABLE that I suddenly found myself wondering why no one had ever paired them before because, CLEARLY, they are MFEO. Fandom of one, your table is ready.

ETA: [ profile] greensilver in chat just now, "Can't you just picture Tennant at an HDRC concert, in what he probably considers to be concert wear?"



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