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( Feb. 11th, 2008 01:50 pm)
Message to [ profile] jarrow272: I now have five stars on all the songs on easy level of Guitar Hero III, and perfects on 7 of them. Can play about half the medium level, but the blue button still scares me. Child has moved up to the hard level just to make me look bad. Will be selling an organ in order to buy a used PS2 and this game for myself when I get home. I BLAME YOU!!!!

Message to the rest of my f'list: You may see Guitar Hero sitting on the shelf and think to yourself, "Self, that sure does look like fun...should I try it?" Before you do, ask yourself this: Are you prepared to be up at 4 in the morning playing Sunshine of Your Love for the fiftieth time in a row in a quest to get a PERFECT SCORE on it, dammit, and you having been sitting in the same spot for hours and your hand is cramped and you don't care because this time you will get all the notes even if it kills you? If you have children are you prepared to be utterly humiliated when they kick your ASS while playing on hard while you still quiver in fear of the blue button? Beware my friends, beware.

Now if you'll excuse me I need to try and get further on the medium career level before the child gets home from school so he'll stop laughing at me. I doubt I'll be ready for the really super scary orange button any time soon, but at least I can make a good showing on our next face off with the blue one.
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( Sep. 22nd, 2007 12:18 pm)
Today I am doing a whole lot of nothing, mostly. I'm working on getting my vids uploaded to Stage 6, because I'd like to have streaming copies available but have issues with both youtube and imeem. So far, so good, but they are having upload processing issues this weekend so it's taking awhile.

Got into a discussion with the child about whether or not he's old enough to watch Torchwood. I get that since he's almost sixteen its not even really my decision anymore, but I'm glad he was willing to talk about it with me. And he made a pretty strong case for his ability to handle and process more adult programming, no whining of the "I'm not a baby" kind at all, even. It's just very weird for me, in the same way it is weird for me that he will be driving later this year, and that we start doing college visits and stuff next year. It's like I can't quite get rid of this image in my head that overlays who he is now with this wee bitty baby boy who comes up to my knee (he's actually 9 inches taller than me now). But then I got to lecture him about how his grades are not all they could be on account of the not turning in all his homework and not studying for tests, which made me feel better because he's not all THAT grown up yet.

One more day and I think I will be back on more solid ground after the horrendous invasion of the hormones that took me out this last week. I may even think about vidding tomorrow. Maybe.
Between my trip to Seattle and his visit to his grandfather I wasn't able to get my son his copy of the Who finale until last night. And clearly I passed on something to him because his reaction was so in line with mine that I could've been writing his IMs to me after he watched it. He's pretty much been doing this all season without any sort of prompting from me. In fact I've been trying to hold back in conversations until I hear what he has to say on purpose, just to see how close it is if I'm not actively influencing his opinion. And, of course I've been a big part of raising him and all...but we don't currently live in the same state or watch the show together at all, I just IM it to him once a week (for those of you who are new here, he's 15). It's just weird to think I have somehow done something that he often thinks so much like me...or maybe I didn't and it's just coincidence..or...hell, I dunno, raising kids is strange y'all.

What the Boy had to say )
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( Apr. 29th, 2007 02:19 pm)
So, my kid got AIM finally. And of course I send him the first episode of the newest season of Doctor Who, 'cause he hasn't seen it yet (I know, I am a bad mother). Just got back to the computer to find this IM sitting there:

"I like Martha, and I must now see the next episode. You will send it to me or be banished to the dimension of puppets."

*dies and is dead forever*

Dimension of puppets. This? Is what happens when you let geeks procreate.


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