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Vids made since mid-2007 can be found under the 'my vids' tag or at the Dreamwidth, Livejournal and AO3 (coming soon!) posts for each vid. Earlier vids at

Warnings Policy

Times Like These (All Dogs Go To Heaven) DW|LJ|AO3

You Were A Kindness (Witness) DW|LJ|AO3

I Wanna Rock (Storm Chasers) DW|LJ|AO3

Barton Hollow (Homeland) DW|LJ|AO3

Hoping Machine (Harry Potter) DW|LJ|AO3

Love Hurts (Haven, Nathan cries on a beach challenge) DW|LJ|AO3

When My Boy Walks Down The Street (Ferris Beuller's Day Off) DW|LJ|AO3

Bad Karma (Legend of Billie Jean) DW|LJ|AO3

Bad Moon Rising (Beetlejuice) DW|LJ|AO3

Poor, Poor, Pitiful Me (Mythbusters) DW|LJ|AO3

Shine (Thelma & Louise) DW|LJ|AO3

Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise (Stand By Me) DW|LJ|AO3

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (Once a Thief) DW|LJ|AO3

(Keep Feeling) Fascination(Valley Girl) DW|LJ|AO3

Roll With the Changes (How To Train Your Dragon) DW|LJ|AO3

November Rain (Blade Runner) DW|LJ|AO3

Father and Daughter (Punky Brewster) DW|LJ|AO3

So You Say (Little House on the Prairie) DW|LJ|AO3

Unsound (Smallville) DW|LJ|AO3

Legends Never Die (Nightmare On Elm Street) DW|LJ|AO3

The Eleventy Project, an attempt to vid every episode of S5 as it airs. (Doctor Who)
  • Break The Night With Color (episode 5x10) DW|LJ|AO3
  • Sunglasses at Night (episodes 5x08 & 5x09) DW|LJ|AO3
  • I (episode 5x07) DW|LJ|AO3
  • Twilight Omens (episode 5x06) DW|LJ|AO3
  • Can You See The Lights (episodes 5x04 & 5x05) DW|LJ|AO3
  • Voulez-Vous (episode 5x03) DW|LJ|AO3
  • See Who I Am (episode 5x02) DW|LJ|AO3
  • Walking On Sunshine (episode 5x01) DW|LJ|AO3

Mother Mary (China Beach) DW|LJ|AO3

Now and Then (China Beach) DW|LJ|AO3

Simon Says (Doomsday) DW|LJ|AO3

Dreams (Marley & Me) DW|LJ|AO3

Charles In Charge (Nightmare On Elm Street) DW|LJ|AO3

TKO (itty bitty titty committee) DW|LJ|AO3

Then The Morning Comes (Galaxy Quest) DW|LJ|AO3

Never Loved A Man (Doctor Who) DW|LJ|AO3

Ever Fallen In Love (Hard Core Logo) DW|LJ|AO3

Papa Don't Preach w/greensilver (Torchwood/Doctor Who) DW|LJ|AO3

Taking Chances (Doctor Who) DW|LJ|AO3

And She Was (Doctor Who) DW|LJ|AO3

Don't Touch That Dial (Doctor Who) DW|LJ|AO3

Moons of Jupiter (Doctor Who) DW|LJ|AO3

Forever Young (Highlander) website only

Whatever It Takes (Bend it Like Beckham) website only

Lullaby (Dead Poets Society) website only

Running Down A Dream (SGA) website only

Swing Down Chariot (Dogma) website only
Song: Step By Step
Artist: New Kids On The Block
Fandom: The Amazing Race (Jonathan and Harley)

Summary: Jonathan and Harley really want to get to Phil...step by step. Made for [personal profile] jarrow who I love more than the kittens in this vid but not more than Jonathan Knight, which jarrow totally understands.

Download link: Step By Step Download (right-click the link and save as, 51 mb)

streaming now available under the cut! )
Notes: So you know how I missed the last few days posting? This is the reason. My last post got me and [personal profile] jarrow talking about his crush since childhood on Jonathan Knight (FOR GOOD REASON) and I was, like, I should vid something by NKOTB to make up for my snotty teenage self I made [personal profile] jarrow a prezzie. And in the process got even MORE squishy about Jonathan to the point, you guys, I seriously want to put posters all over my wall and go back in time so I can subscribe to whatever Teen Beat type magazine in the 80s had features on what his favorite cereal is and stuff. *facepalm*
vid warning policy

Title: Teardrop
Artist: Jose Gonzalez
Fandom: Hard Candy

Summary: Teardrop on the fire of a confession

Download: Working on it!! Will be up soon :)

Streaming under the cut (unsigned, working on getting a signed version up) )

Made for [personal profile] goodbyebird, Festivids 2013
vid warning policy

Title: This Could All Be Yours
Artist: Guster
Fandom: Big

Summary: In a blink your life could change

Download: Working on it!! Will be up soon :)

Streaming under the cut (unsigned, working on getting a signed version up) )

Made for [personal profile] rhoboat, Festivids 2013
vid warning policy

Title: Times Like These
Artist: Foo Fighters
Fandom: All Dogs Go To Heaven

Summary: You can't keep a good dog down.

Made for [personal profile] joyo, 'cause she is amazing.

notes: this was supposed to be a festivids treat that ended up being very, very, very late but is finally finished :) And yes, okay, I killed another dog, but in my own defense this time it was on request. Blame [personal profile] joyo? Many, many thanks to [personal profile] absolutedestiny for being my sounding board and keeping my secrets. <3

Download (69 MB) -- right click/save as

streaming under the cut )
vid warning policy, PLEASE READ

Title: Barton Hollow
Artist: The Civil Wars
Fandom: Homeland

Summary: Can't no preacher man save my soul.

Download (57 MB) -- right click/save as

streaming under the cut )

Notes: So many thanks to [personal profile] absolutedestiny both for having the perfect song for me and for a kickass beta. Also [profile] kudwora and [personal profile] sweetestdrain for adding notes and hand holding the hell out of me when I got terrified of making this vid.

Feedback of all kinds is most welcome, and will not be suspected of terrorism.
vid warning policy

Title: Hoping Machine
Artist: Jay Farrar
Fandom: Harry Potter (all movies)

Summary: "To have been loved so deeply, even though the person who loved us is gone, will give us some protection forever." JKR (Sorcerer's Stone)

for [personal profile] sisabet

Download (62.3 MB) -- right click/save as

streaming under the cut )
Challenge met! How succesfully is up for debate, but Nathan is now officially crying on a beach!

Title: Love Hurts
Artist: Nazareth
Fandom: Haven

Summary: Nathan Wuornos has a LOT OF FEELINGS. About Audrey. On a beach. So many feelings. If you notice a shortage of feelings in the world supply it's because Nathan has all of them. Along with my heart.

Download(39 MB)--right click, save

Streaming behind the cut!! )

God, so many thanks to [personal profile] trelkez for playing reindeer games with me in my time of need. It was a bit terrifying to make a vid in 24 hours (um, and the 24 hour part shows), but also fun and I have missed sharing a fandom with her where spontaneous insanity occurs. <3 <3 <3 [personal profile] trelkez. And as soon as I have the link to her entry I will give it here so that you may also sample Nathan's pain in Duke flavor. edit: she posted! it's up here! yay!
Title: When My Boy Walks Down The Street
Artist: The Magnetic Fields
Fandom: Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Summary: He's a whole new form of life.

Made for [personal profile] sweetestdrain for the PP auction.

Download (36 MB)--right click save

streaming behind the cut )

Notes: I think I'm the one who really won the auction here, because how often do you basically get hired to wallow in OT3 shippy glee? So thank you so much [personal profile] sweetestdrain for buying me, and for having me do this. I love you almost as much as Cameron and Sloane love Ferris. And so many, many, thanks to [personal profile] renenet for going above and beyond to help me get shiny source. 'Cause she's awesome.

Feedback gets it's own parade. <3
vid warning policy

Title: Bad Moon Rising
Artist: Creedence Clearwater Revival
Fandom: Beetlejuice
Summary: I see trouble on the way.

Download (30 MB) -- right click/save as

streaming under the cut )
vid warning policy

Title: Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise
Artist: The Avett Brothers
Fandom: Stand By Me
Summary: There's a darkness upon me that's flooded with light.

Download (58MB) -- right click/save as

streaming under the cut )
Title: Girls Just Want To Have Fun
Artist: Cyndi Lauper
Fandom: Once A Thief
Spoilers: Not exactly? Visual spoilers for a character who shows up, but not so much plot? Pretty safe to watch and not know what will happen or any major arcs.

Summary: No job satisfaction. None at all. Well, maybe some.

Download, 26 mb (right-click, save as)

Streaming behind the cut )

Notes: Many thanks to [personal profile] killabeez and [personal profile] sweetestdrain for the last minute beta, and to [personal profile] elynross for so much cheerleading. MWAH.

Warnings policy
Made for the VVC 2011 Blast From The Past challenge.

Title: (Keep Feeling) Fascination
Artist: The Human League
Fandom: Valley Girl

Summary: He's like, totally tripendicular, fer sure.

Download (42.5 MB) right-click, save as.

streaming under the cut )

Notes: I kinda feel the need to state for the record that I don't actually approve of stalking. Except my inner 13 year old who was utterly obsessed with this movie and lacked a clear understanding of boundaries totally does and would like grown up me to know that it's not really a felony if you're meant to be together and when did I start hating true love.

There was never any question I was going to vid this movie when Blast From The Past was the challenge, not only did it convince my adolescent self that puking in an alley was a sign of devotion, I actually frequented that exact mall, sitting in that exact food court squeeing about Duran Duran over Hot Dog on a Stick, and later when I was 17 I spent a memorable summer hanging out in West Hollywood, so yeah. This movie. And thank you VVC for giving me an excuse because otherwise this vid would still exist, I just wouldn't have any excuse at all for it. :)

Also, the credits got sorta messed up on web export and I can't seem to fix them but they are supposed to be shinier than that. /shrug
Warnings Policy
Vividcon premiere, YAY!

Title: Roll With the Changes
Artist: REO Speedwagon
Fandom: How To Train Your Dragon

Summary: I'll be here when you are ready.

Download, 45.9 MB (right-click, save as)

streaming behind the cut )
Notes: For [personal profile] dualbunny. 'Cause she's awesome. Feedback/comments of any kind is welcomed with hugs and dragon rides.
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( Feb. 5th, 2011 11:43 am)
Whee! Time to reveal :D :D. The two vids I made for festivids, in case you want to download either.

November Rain
Fandom: Blade Runner
Artist: Guns N Roses
Summary: Nothing lasts forever.
Download, 46 MB (right-click/save as)

With many thanks to [personal profile] sweetestdrain for being the first to utter the magic words 'November Rain', [personal profile] absolutedestiny for a kickass song edit and beta, and [personal profile] sisabet for talking me through many meltdowns with these soothing words, 'nothing you do could possibly make less sense than the original music video'.

Father & Daughter
Fandom: Punky Brewster
Artist: Paul Simon
Summary: As long as 1+1=2
Download, 23 MB (right-click/save as)

Shout out and thanks to [personal profile] jackiekjono for pointing out what was obviously the perfect song :D

Streaming versions of both behind the cut )


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