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( Sep. 18th, 2008 06:44 pm)
Finally listened to the Torchwood radio play.

Torchwood, Lost Souls )
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( Sep. 11th, 2008 12:42 pm)
I feel the need for some fannishness in my obsessive playing with my new toy. In honor of the new Torchwood I still haven't listened to yet, I'm going to ponder what would happen if Guitar Hero mysteriously appeared at the Hub (pre season finale). And if you're bored, please join me in ranking who you think would have the highest scores and why. Mine from lowest to highest goes like this

Torchwood rocks! )
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( Jul. 21st, 2008 01:17 pm)
I'm having a Jack/Ianto day because they continue to make me stupidly happy. Why? I could not even tell you, but they do. Staying happy poses some challenges though, given my issues with OTPs in general and OTPs when one half of the couple is immortal or long-lived and the other is not. But it is okay because I have strategies!

The first is a denial based focus on the here and now. If you never think beyond the present, there is no need to address the various uncomfortable questions that would leave me going 'aw crap, now I have to make them break up' in my head. This requires avoiding or ignoring any discussion or fic set beyond the limited time frame of the current show and a ten year window or so. This is a good on the fly method, but doesn't stand up for too long because I'm me and I tend to think way too much about these things.

The second is to somehow make Ianto immortal himself. Time Lord, freak accident with an alien device, secretly an alien himself, whatever...between fic and my own brain the possibilities are endless. No more immortal/mortal issues, yay! Er...except this has the unintended side effect of breaking them up in my head anyway on account of I just can't bring myself to believe anyone could stay together for an actual literal forever without getting sick of each other. Under this scenario the best I can do is that they go off and live separate lives and loves and adventures and get back together once every couple hundred years or so for more time together before splitting up again until next time, which would be awesome, but loses the kind of intensity that tends to draw me to the immortal/mortal kind of pairing in the first place.

Which leaves me with...and I'm sure no one will be even remotely surprised...the OT3, baby. If Ianto has a partner he can share the human experiences that he can't with Jack, then he doesn't have to sacrifice them, or his own life, to choose be with Jack long term as well. If the third is someone they both have an equally strong relationship with then everybody wins! Well, it still sort of sucks for Jack who gets left behind in the end no matter what, but that is pretty much unavoidable. But I do so love the idea of Ianto being able to change and grow older as a shared experience that Jack still gets to be a part of in a non-destructive way for both of them. The OT3 is a magic thing, yes it is.
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( Jul. 17th, 2008 11:59 am)
Still thinking about Who and relationships and whatnot, like ya do..and I started making some connections this morning that made me feel much more hopeful about some stuff that was bugging me. Specifically how Jack's story gives me so much more hope for Rose.

spoilery for all of TW and DW below )
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( Jul. 16th, 2008 07:22 pm)
It is less than an hour until new Project Runway! For someone who spends the majority of her time in pajama bottoms and t-shirts I love that show way too much. Then again, I also watch the Food Network obsessively and I can't remember the last time I turned on my stove, so there you go.

I finally went to read the Who kink meme after seeing so many people talk about it, and it was as if the universe was trying to make up for my earlier fic crankiness by giving me a bunch of really hot porn along with some surprisingly well characterized little ficlets of goodness. And also one that is fanfic as Jack would write it which is the best thing ever and made me laugh so hard it hurt. Really the only thing missing is the part where Jack throws a read and review hissy fit and holds the rest of the chapters hostage for more comments. BECAUSE YOU KNOW HE WOULD.

I have decided it is time to start actively trying to get over my fear of commenting on other people's LJs instead of waiting for the rare moments when I don't freak out about it to comment. I hate that I miss out on interesting discussions and offering hugs and support when my people are having a rough time or just...letting y'all know that yes, I'm reading, yes I dig what you have to say. So if I randomly start popping up in your comments over the next few days, HI! If I don't, it is because I am a big old freak, but I totally still love you. Next up after I conquer this is to get over the not leaving feedback thing.

I might start vidding again very, very soon. I've managed to get a few real life things done around here that needed to get done which is inspiring me to get more done and if I can then I will be free to dive back in. Vividcon is coming SOON which will likely kick my vidbrain into high gear as well. OMG VVC.

You all rule. Needed to be said.
I'm having a cranky day so I'm making a cranky post. You know how when you are reading fic and there's a thing, a minor thing, that is always a little bit irritating when you see it? And it is a widespread enough across the fandom that you run into it in a broad range of quality so it's not even a matter of avoiding bad fic, because you've read good (or at least decent) fic that was otherwise really enjoyable except for that. And you wish it would go away, but obviously it isn't going to because it wouldn't show up everywhere if it bothered other people like it bothered you, and it's not even worth getting cranky about because it really isn't that big a deal, especially since you can ignore it in good fic and if the fic is bad it is the least of the reasons you are frantically scrabbling for the back button. Except when you are having a cranky day in general and feel like bitching unreasonably. Since I've been reading a lot of SGA and Torchwood fic in the last week there are two that are currently the pea under my mattress.

ZedPM is the SGA one. You'd think after this many years it would stop causing me an automatic flinch, but it still does. Every time I see it I have the urge to finally learn to write fic so I can have everyone in it call it a ZeePM repeatedly except for Rodney, who would be the only one where it was written as ZPM when he spoke. I still don't understand how this happened. At first, yes, I can see how it got spelled out phonetically with Rodney in early fic, but how it became a relatively acceptable practice rather than dying out still sort of baffles me. No point crying over spilled milk, because it did happen, and if I want to read J/R fic (which I do) all that's left to do is suck it up. Except when I'm having a cranky day.

And the Torchwood, seeing 'Yan' or 'teaboy' used to refer to Ianto. Ianto. That is his name. That is what everyone calls him. Yes, even Owen, who referred to him as 'tea-boy' what...once? It grates on me the same way it does when someone calls me 'Becky' or even 'Rebecca' instead of 'Becca' or 'Eunice'. Not that there's anything wrong with those variations on my name. But it isn't how I introduce myself, it isn't what people call me, and if they've spent any time around me there's no reason they shouldn't know that. Nicknames are grand, but shortening people's names when there is no indication that this is anybody's preference just feels wrong to me. And taking a one-off nickname like 'teaboy' tossed under specific circumstances and driving it into the ground is just annoying. Lest anyone think I'm picking on Torchwood, Buffy fandom was awful about this too. With 'Xan' for Xander (he's already got a nickname! It is Xander, argh), and pretty much every nickname Spike ever made up for anyone and used once repeated ever after in fic to the point where I flinch when I see a can of peaches at a grocery store.

So, yes, these are my cranky fic peeves of the day. What are yours? Not the big badfic things, but the tiny ones that can show up anywhere and cause momentary teeth grinding? Any fandom. Be cranky with me!
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( Jun. 29th, 2008 05:02 pm)
Time to let my inner 'ship whore out for a post!

DW 4x12, Stolen Earth--The Shipping Edition )
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( Jun. 21st, 2008 05:45 pm)
They say confession is good for the soul, so I am going to admit something utterly shameful about my reaction to the Promo Of Unrelenting Awesome

Talk about preview for DW 4x12 )
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( Apr. 21st, 2008 08:09 am)
More packing today. And I will finally get to watch Doctor Who later this afternoon if I can get the closets done. Expect mah squee then. Also, I realized in conversation with peoples that after Stage6 went down I never really announced that I'd moved all my vids over to imeem for streaming. This is probably because I am still bitter about Stage6 going down, and resentful that I ever had to go to imeem at all. So, the new link to find my vids in streaming format is this:

Other fannish stuff, the Captain's Blog for 'Fragments' is finally up (are they going to do one for Exit Wounds?) and once again confirms that whoever writes these is a committed Jack/Ianto 'shipper. It is times like these my psycho inner OTPer wants to throw off sanity completely and start insisting that they are canon, even though I've argued for years that extras are nice for adding more toys to the sandbox, but it really only counts if it is on screen (I still believe this, I just wish I didn't). Because, seriously...wait, do we have to do cut tags for Captain's Blogs? *does one just in case*Jack and Ianto, sittin' in a tree )
It's torrent haunting time. Which means time for distraction from tempting cut tags (you bastards). So I'll whine a bit instead.

Gwen and Ianto, total BFFs in canon this year. Way too much Jack/Ianto fic ignores this canon and makes the baby Eunice cry by insisting they are five seconds away from a hair pulling screaming match over who gets to own Jack's cock. Not that I expect everyone to come around to my, and I would suspect Jack's, preferred answer to this question (THEY BOTH DO)...but it is weird. I would think the logical fic progression for OTP purposes would be to emphasize the BFFness, because obviously if they are painting each others nails and giggling over hot boys and girls together (which, btw, they totally did in To The Last Man...minus the nail painting, but I dunno, maybe they met up for ice cream and manicures later, I would not be surprised) then the lack of strain indicates no real threat to Jack/Ianto. That's a good thing 'shipwise. Isn't Ianto being pissy and jealous and freaked out that Gwen could steal his man rather counterproductive? It's like throwing up your hands and going "Yes, Jack wants Gwen more so the only way to make sure Ianto keeps him is to dump on Gwen." Who wants a 'ship based on that?

Not me! What I want is Gwen and Ianto going shopping together! 'Cause you know she takes him with, since he's got the whole family tailor eye thing going and the snazzy suits, so she trusts his taste. Why hasn't anyone written that fic? Or the one where they spend an entire week trying to one up each other playing practical jokes on Jack, until it all ends in explosions and Jack covered with purple paint hollering at both of them while they try to hide the giggles behind their hands. Or the one where they trade blow job secrets over lunch. Or that time they discovered a shared love of some sort of awful boyband pop group (don't ask me what, you tell me) and Rhys and Jack both laughed at them, so they went to a concert together without them and had a fantastic time while the other two sat at home sulking.

If I wrote fic, that's what I'd write. BFF FOREVER. (and okay, in my head sometimes nekkid BFFs, but it's not a requirement)

I so need a Gwen/Ianto BFF icon. And a Gwen icon. Since I have neither I will use my other Torchwood OTP. Ianto/Coffee, the 'ship no man or woman or alien dare come between.
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( Apr. 4th, 2008 09:48 am)
Yay! Torchwood season finale tonight!

Also...okay, I have been holding off. I have been deliberately not letting myself think about it or talk about it very much. But now. It is 24 hours away. One day. It is TIME. NEW DOCTOR WHO OMG OMG SQUEE YAY NEW DOCTOR WHO FOR ME JUST FOR ME.

*Tigger bounces all over you guys*

Episodes I have not seen, because they are NEW! I'm not sure how much I'll be coming out of my self-imposed, bubble wrapped bunker this season. On the one hand, I do want to have discussions (both squee fests and critical). On the other, I'm a bit terrified of not being able to find a balance and ending up either completely bitter and jaded or so blankly shallow to avoid becoming bitter and jaded that I want to smack myself.

Fandom is so much easier when you're not crazy ass obsessively in love with a universe, I tell you.

Oh! And also, all the credit check stuff went well and I now (almost) officially have my new apartment. I have to go down and pick which unit I'm taking and fill out the rest of the paperwork, but it's done! All that's left after that is...the packing, the organizing the move itself, figuring out how I'm picking up the car, switching utilities and mail over, and...and..and...*PANICOMGFREAKOUTHYPERVENTILATE*

*pantpantpantpant*..David Tennant is really pretty. Shiny tv. Reality, what?
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( Mar. 20th, 2008 09:02 am)
Now that I've had some sleep, the 'shippy rundown. The really 'shippy rundown. All 'ships, and nothing but 'ships under the cut. Serious Business thoughts in last night's post.

Torchwood 2x11 -- In which Eunice gets everything she wants, ever )
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( Mar. 19th, 2008 12:32 pm)
Ooooh, look, a poll for wednesday which means now I don't have to (A helpful hint, the correct answer to Ianto Jones, top or bottom? Is top. Top, top, toppity top with topsauce on TOP....I will accept switch, but if I see any of you picking 'bottom' I will SO DEFRIEND YOU for being wrong in the head, OMG. Also? Not quite as important, but the truth of who is kinkier? Totally Ianto. TOTALLY. Jack just has more experience on which to draw in catering to this, and boy does he not object.) Go forth and poll (CORRECTLY PLEASE). Oh fine, I know I'm mostly alone in my interpretation of these things, so I really won't hold it against you, just feel sorry for you because you are sadly deluded. Even if I am right. *cough*

Huh, I don't think I've posted about anything but Torchwood in awhile. Mostly because I've held back on watching the rest of TSCC in fear of cancellation, I'm avoiding Who fandom like the plague in the lead up to S4 (which, let me tell you, is putting a strain on my David Tennant stalking...he might be wearing yet another velvet jacket RIGHT NOW, and I wouldn't even know...Can This Relationship Last? *sob*), and SGA has been...I'm caught up as of the finale, but I'm worried we might be breaking up. Not a nasty break up, but the kind where you still hang out together and think fondly 'we were good together once, weren't we?' but don't make any real effort to rekindle the flame. I have a few vid ideas still rattling around, so if I ever get around to them that may do it. Or possibly season 5. We shall see. I have a bunch of other shows from this last season piled up on my 'to do' list, plus some older shows I've been meaning to get to for a long time. So I'm pretty sure this glut of All Torchwood, All the Time is not even close to permanent. Also, I think this is to do with me being partially in output instead of input mode right now, and since two of the vids rattling around my hard drive are Torchwood it means I spend more time actively elbows deep in the source which sparks off more thinking about it.

My apologies to anyone who might be thinking Oh god, would she just shut up about Ianto already. And more apologies because it's Wednesday, so you know there's even more coming.

Real life is a bit of a mess, I may post about that later when I'm not flailing about in panic (mostly over moving stuff).
imeem is finally cooperating, so there is now a streaming version of Papa Don't Preach up. I've updated the original post, and the direct imeem link is here.

I am a bit...overwhelmed right now. We really thought this was going to result in us cracking ourselves up and maybe three people on our f'lists pointing and laughing. *stares at pages of comments* You people are almost as sick as we are, you know that? *hugs you all*

Also? Now you all know why I went into SPASMS after Something Borrowed aired and couldn't talk about it, because talking about Something Borrowed )
So, [ profile] greensilver and I may sometimes disagree, but there is one thing we stand absolutely united on. And that is our deep and heartfelt concern for Jack and his unplanned pregnancy. We couldn't just leave him an unwed mother like that, now could we? No, we could not. And so:

Song/Artist: Papa Don't Preach, Madonna
Vidders: [ profile] fan_eunice and [ profile] greensilver
Fandom: Torchwood, Doctor Who
Download: right click/save as, 36 MB Divx file

Jack is keeping his baby...yeah, we went there.

streaming imeem under the cut )
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( Mar. 12th, 2008 07:51 pm)
My torrent is crawling along verrrrry slowly and so, there is insanity. The person who should be posting this poll is [ profile] greensilver except she's too chickenshit to do it. It's all fine to put this stuff in my head, but owning it and inflicting it on everyone else? She leaves up to me. As usual.

Ianto Jones must lose a limb...look, don't ask why, he just does. Because [ profile] greensilver is a puppy kicker and kitten killer, if you need a better reason.

[Poll #1153247]
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( Mar. 11th, 2008 01:53 pm)
I am home! Home with music, and a teddy bear named Clarence, and leftover cake, and feeling about a bazillion times better than I did last week. Yay for [ profile] vagabondage and Pete who made my birthday awesome. I think probably the best present of the weekend was getting a chance to curl up on the couch and rewatch S3 of Doctor Who in a completely neutral environment and just...experience it again. And be reminded. I love S3. I do. Martha Jones rocks my world. She really, really does, and every time I watch her I fall in love all over again. The Doctor is a big ball of fucked up with layers and layers of issues that are far more interesting than any 'ship wank, and needs both a whap upside the head and a hug, and I do love him for it. The two of them together is just my happy place for, oh, so many reasons. I love this show. And I see that while I was off doing that, fandom has exploded again with the anonymeme thing. Whatever, fandom...just, whatever. You know what I remembered this weekend? Doctor Who is fun. The old school is fun, the new stuff is fun, and if y'all want to tear each other apart like rabid weasles over it, you have at it. I'll be over there having adventures in time and space with kickass women and fucked up Time Lords. It's rather a lovely place. Fandom will not take my joy in this show away from me. I refuse.

And the other show we watched was Torchwood, which is still a ridiculous amount of fun...sometimes even because the show intends it to be. My favorite part of that was watching [ profile] vagabondage fall in love with Jack. Because although he's never been a primary character of the mine category, sitting on the couch, in person, next to someone practically melting and exploding with it for the first time? It kind of rubbed off on me and I'm finding myself with a new shiny attachment to Jack that I didn't quite have before in the same way. I'm looking forward to seeing how that goes, 'cause one can never have too many mine characters, it tends to make tings much more fun. And I do like my fun.

Should I end with it? Just one? I think I should. SQUEE.
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( Mar. 6th, 2008 08:46 am)
Okay, so, sadly...I still can't discuss the MASSIVE OMGSQUEE from last night for, as best put by the Mountie and [ profile] greensilver, reasons that don't bear explaining at this juncture. So instead I will talk about what I do (and don't) like about the way the 'ship issues are being handled.

Torchwood 2x09, Something Borrowed..'ships and stuff )


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