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( Feb. 14th, 2008 09:34 am)
I am so never going to catch up on LJ. I am also not going to be recovered enough from travel for any sort of proper Torchwood episode posts this week. So we will go with the much squeeing of my reaction to certain parts of Reset

Torchwood 2x06, Reset )
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( Jan. 6th, 2008 12:58 pm)
Finally started the Buffy rewatch with the first episode of season 7. And I started taking notes and stuff to post, I may still do. But mostly I was just hit with an overwhelming wave of love for MY SHOW, and these characters. Buffy! Dawn! Xander! Willow! Giles! Anya! Spike! Snarky quips! Asskicking! I may have actually squeed out loud when the opening credits ran and the theme song kicked in. I won't admit to any dancing around my living room doing air guitar, but I think you know me well enough that I don't have to. I love these people and their world. I love them SO MUCH. I can't tell yet if I'll be in the mood to be thinky about them again this time through. 'Cause at the moment I'm just wallowing. I'm remembering. Yes, this show, it is always going to have this place in my fannish heart. It was harder right after it ended to do this sort of wallowing, because it had ended, and there was all that sadness of letting go to deal with...adjusting to it being over. I'm adjusted now, and it's ALL ABOUT THE LOVE.

*explodes with happiness*

I so fail for not still having a BtVS icon.
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( Jan. 4th, 2008 12:27 pm)
Is it Torchwood time yet? I'm finding myself getting more excited as we get closer, mostly thanks to the promos which look all kinds of awesome and the anticipation of more Martha Jones. Shiny, shiny crack for meeeeeeeee. Also cut for talk of Jack and Ianto stuff in trailer )
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( Dec. 19th, 2007 09:30 am)
Torchwood trailer! Between that and the Voyage of the Damned trailers and pictures it's almost I find myself more excited about Torchwood than I thought I would be. I enjoy it, but it's never been my show in the same way Who is, however, that trailer had me doing massive glee bouncies. I think maybe in part because I'm not as invested, so I'm just flat out looking forward to the ride and not even remotely worried it will break my heart. And I could use that right now. Also, Martha! Just one question though...does referencing things in the trailer count as spoilers? cutting just in case, but nothing beyond the trailer mentioned )

Huh, I have no Torchwood icons. I shall have to fix that soon it seems.

ETA: This? This is why my love for David Tennant overwhelms me Y'all, he put that jacket on himself, on purpose. How many velvet horrors are we up to now? Like [ profile] jonquil I want to know, does he have a special store he goes to just to get them? What is the thought process here? I really want to know. And why have none of his friends pulled him aside and gently said "Now, David, about that velvet fetish you seem to have..." *cuddles and cuddles and cuddles him so much*

ETA 2: And THIS. *falls over dead from Tennant*. It''s...okay, so not only do we have another 'Why, David, no...seriously, what were you thinking?' fashion choice that is utterly adorable in it's wrongness...he is SURROUNDED BY CHILDREN. I may just explode from love right now.
The good, my stomach seems to be calming down a bit. Also, my DW squee had faded a bit, but then there were Those New Pictures which have had me high as a kite all morning OMGSQUEE. I think, the big problem with long hiatus is that there is too much time for people who work on a show to blather on with their Opinions and Thoughts, and for us as fans to engage too much in analyzing and debating over it and offering far too much weight to What They Say, on account of there's no new canon to do it with.

The reality is that producers/actors/writers say dumb stuff all the time, much of it contradictory not to just each other but themselves. Authorial intent is crap to begin with, it's bigger crap on something like a tv show where, by the time everyone who's got something to do with it is done contributing...from the biggest muckety muck producer on high down to the lighting guy, there are so many authors that not a single one can lay claim to the truth of How It Is. We hope that all of that works together to produce something coherent...but there's never going to be One Correct Reading. And by the time we're done with it and our own fannish appropriation through fic and meta and vids and discussion it's something else all together again.

It's way too easy for me to get caught up in what they might be producing based on what they say when this opinion or that is just one more in a big sea of them (I do this all the time, which is why I try to avoid interviews and commentary when my curiosity doesn't get the better of me, or when David Tennant might do or say something adorable). What They Say is something I'm free to get angry at, to disagree with, to roll my eyes at, to squee in agreement, or to just plain dismiss in exactly the same way I do with commentary by my fellow fans. It may be an interesting (or infuriating) start point for a discussion, but it's not any more valid than how I see it. And what makes it to the screen is where the action really starts. Which leads to more than enough to be either angry and annoyed or joyfully squeeful at all on it's own. The rest of's interesting and important for different reasons. But when it comes down to actually watching and enjoying (or not enjoying) a show for me, the text is the thing. And I have no problem making the text my personal bitch if that's what's called for (somewhere around here I have a half finished essay on why I still 'ship Ten/Martha...someday I may even get around to finishing it, heh). So, anyway, I can still be annoyed or dissapointed in or wary of What They Say and hold on to my squee. Because it's mine. It wasn't handed down on high to me. It was always mine. Power to the Squee...or something.

In more frustrating news, I started a new vid a few days ago and it is utter crap. I'm trying to remember that time I trashed my entire project file on that vid that I turned out quite pleased with much later, but had to dig out of the trash and entirely recut from scratch, so that I don't do that again...but I am so close. I'm in that phase where I'm terrified I've forgotten how to vid, and that anything I do is just going to be a boring retread of something someone else has done, or will do better, especially since I still seem to be incapable of vidding anything that's not Doctor Who, and really does the world need yet another Angsty Ten Vid? I might go ahead and start up the project files for the Seven and Ace vid that's been bubbling in my brain since I started watching them, and work on both vids at the same time. But there, I have concerns about the source quality and how am I going to work around that, since DVD releases for most of Seven aren't available and what is better source is going to make the other source look worse. Argh. Maybe I'll take up knitting instead.
[ profile] _medley_ responded to my desire to see more fannish love with a list of ten things each she loves about old and new Who, which made me smile and smile and smile.

I think we should all do this about whatever our fannish bliss is at the moment. Lets make it so that today it is impossible to turn around on LJ without running into a list of joy about some show or another. Who's with me? C'mon, I challenge you. A list of ten things that you love about your current fandom(s) posted to LJ and a challenge to all of your f'list to do the same.

I'll go second, My Ten Things (New Who) )

Your turn. Go out and spread the joy about your shows. You know you want to.
Yesterday I bought my Chucks. This morning I read this (casting and scheduling spoilers for DW series 4 and 5). Coincidence? Maybe, if you're going to be all logical about it. I think I prefer to believe I have magic shoes that grant wishes.
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( Sep. 2nd, 2007 02:49 pm)
In news that does not involve me being a whiny emo bitch, I finally got around to buying my Chucks this morning. Pips even took pictures.

Look at my shoes! I have Ten feet!

...and now we conclude the big geeky dork portion of the day.
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( Aug. 31st, 2007 02:27 pm)
Let me see if I've got this right. If you read between the lines, the explanation for Liz leaving is that, fond as she is of Three, she has far better things to do with her time than pass test tubes and marvel at his she went off to be fully awesome on her own? I can't begin to express how HAPPY that makes me. Please, someone tell me there is fic out there where Liz and Martha meet and get along famously and roll their eyes a lot (but with great affection) about the Doctor and bask in each other's awesomness.

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( Aug. 29th, 2007 06:11 pm)
Venusian karate. FLAIL.
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( Aug. 28th, 2007 02:33 pm)
Okay, so in the poll on which old skool Doctor should go next Three and Four were tied, and I decided to go with Three 'cause of the references relating to this latest season of new Who. And I started today. Y'all? I love Three. No, wait, that's not clear enough. I LOVE THREE!!! times infinity!!! I knew I was going to like him based on the bits of clips I'd seen here and there, but I was not prepared to LOVE HIM OMG. I may not be surfacing for awhile except to go like this: SQUEE.
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( Aug. 17th, 2007 08:29 am)
[ profile] loves_them_all is the best idea for a community EVER. The Doctor loves ALL his companions. He loves them ALL. There's a whole community dedicated to this. Do you have any idea how happy this makes me? Do you? Do you REALLY? Let me demonstrate using interprative dance. No, can't see that. But it really makes me happy.
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( Jul. 25th, 2007 05:17 pm)
Plague slowly getting better. Also, I'm in a total YAY GIRLS mood. Are you in a YAY GIRLS mood? You know what would rock? Comment and tell me all about your favorite female character (or characters if you're feeling particularly chatty). Who are they and why are they so awesome? Let's be YAY GIRLS together!
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( Jun. 2nd, 2007 11:13 am)
Almost time for new Doctor Who, WHEEEEE! I love Saturday. I love being so desperately in love with a show again in a way I haven't been since...well, Buffy really. I've loved shows since then, but I haven't LOVED in the truly scary obsessive stalker state until now. I'd almost forgotten what it was like. I remain in a state of formless flailing in terms of fandom participation, which is frustrating because part of the joy of such desperate love is sharing it. Thing is I haven't quite yet determined the best way to approach that for me. I've now got quite the collection of links thanks to friends and such that I've been wandering all over getting a feel for the sprawling mass that is Who fandom, and I still can't quite make up my mind where I might fit. And so the lurking continues punctuated by occasional outbursts of OMGSQUEE!!! here in my lj and to random friends who so graciously put up with me and my inability to hold a conversation for longer than ten minutes that does not in some way reference Doctor Who.

I'd say I'm worried that by the time I figure out how and where I want to dive head first into the shared experience it will all be gone, but given the history I could spend the next ten years making up my mind and still have more options than I know what to do with. Forty years and still going strong. That's just impressive is what that is.

So, y'know..random Saturday squee with no substance. SQUEE. That's all (unless I actually pull myself together enough after seeing the episode to, y'know, talk about it).
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( Apr. 22nd, 2007 08:02 am)
I went and was social! With actual other people. Go me! [ profile] celli hosted a fangirl game night (because she rocks like that), and much fun was had. 'Cause, how can you not have fun with 16 fangirls in a living room? Well, I suppose you could not have fun but you'd probably be dead. There were games and SPN (Dean, ya big dork..I *heart* you) and fannish squee and talk of fanfic and I always forget just how delightful it is to be in a room where people have to be reminded not to talk too loudly about BSDM Care Bears porn in front of open windows. Fangirls are the best people in the world I tell ya.
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( Apr. 21st, 2007 05:53 pm)
Because I truly am lame obsessed fangirl right now, I just ordered THIS. And when it arrives I will take it with me everywhere and wave it around just because I can.

You know you're jealous of me.
(subject line ganked from this which made me laugh, and laugh, and laugh.

Right, so now that I'm calm enough to do something other than flail, point, and squee lets move on to why I loved Doctor Who so much last night.

Doctor Who 3x1, Smith and Jones )


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