So, that kind of solves that dilemna. I have been watching the Tornado Chasers webisodes and debating whether or not to just go ahead and vid out my ridiculous crush on Reed Timmer (and his dog), because seriously...I have been having a crappy, crappy couple of weeks and the dude has been making me laugh when nothing else does which is priceless right now(also, bonus if I did I'd be able to include Chris making the Best Faces Ever, which I had to leave out of the other vid when I had to cut the teams for space). But. But. The site TOS is dead clear that it includes non-commercial use of the footage on it's no-no list.

And, like, I absolutely 100 percent believe in the legal arguments in favor of vidding as fair use and transformative blah, blah. That is an argument I will throw down on in principle? And were it a major network or whatever I'd be all 'come at me, bro'. I have literally zero qualms about using Storm Chasers footage. Zero. But I wouldn't want to make it with just the Discovery channel footage. And the question of whether or not I want to have that argument with a bunch of dudes just trying to make a living doing what they love...nah, I really don't. Particularly if the motivation to vid is because they make me happy, and making them unhappy is kind of counterproductive, and not a very nice way to pay back the joy I have gotten?

Real people are tricky, I guess. Which sort of leads me into a thing I had been contemplating doing anyway, but I wonder if there's any interest? I was sort of considering proposing a Vividcon panel on vidding reality tv and RPF from aspects of both the technical and ethical challenges it can bring. What do y'all think?
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From: [personal profile] littleheaven

I agree wholeheartedly. I don't have qualms vidding RPF, but it depends how the source came about. If it's from a major network, like you say, who has already paid those people for their time, then I'm all about fair use. But when a person has privately produced webisodes and it's one of their direct streams of income, and they've specifically said no to non-commercial use, then that's another story, in my book.

If I wanted to make a non-commercial tribute, I would contact Reed and ask permission, and give him the opportunity to use it when it's finished. Didn't they kinda just make their own fanvid recently? Not sure they'd go for Reed + Gizmo 4 Evah! But I reckon he'd go for something storm focussed. I reckon he'd LOVE "I Wanna Rock."
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From: [personal profile] littleheaven

LOL, don't get me wrong, what I meant was if I personally wanted to make a vid, that's what I'd do, but certainly not for that particular theme :o) If I wanted to make a "look at these cool guys and their cool tornadoes" vid then I would definitely ask him.

But yeah, what I was trying to say, whether successfully or not, was that morally I wouldn't contravene the TOS given the circumstances, even if the legal argument still supported me.

So, yes, agreeing with you totally. And maybe considering asking Reed if he'd like me to be his official trailer maker ;o)
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From: [personal profile] echan

I would LOVE that panel. I've made a few things with RPF or real people, and while I've made my peace with it, it was a twisty road of mindfields for me to work out the ethics that made it feel like an okay thing to do. I would really enjoy a forum to have that conversation with other folks.


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