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( Sep. 4th, 2007 10:36 pm)
I picked up the Dark Is Rising from the bookstore the other day because I never read it as a kid, and I felt bad for all my friends that were horrified at the movie previews. I am now joining them in viewing the promos for the movie with a big old "WTF, no seriously what the fucking fuck?" look on my face. Because the story as it is in the book is delightful and would make a fantastic movie so I completely fail to understand what they were thinking. On the plus side, I'll be getting the rest of the books in the series, so I should thank the movie for that even if I'm never going to go see it.

I remain absolutely thrilled about the scheduling decisions for 2009 and series 5 of Doctor Who. I actually found myself baffled that there was a negative reaction at all. Two years of *confirmed* new Who, with the abbreviated season seeming as though it is geared towards long term planning to prevent burnout (from both the audience and the production team), long term planning that bodes well for even *more* new seasons. What's to be unhappy about? Granted, the possibility of keeping DT may be coloring my outlook on account of I am admittedly helpless in the face of the Tennant, but if they announced tomorrow that a regeneration was in the offing I'd still think this was a smart move. Doctor Who is unique in that it doesn't have a 'natural' run of x number of seasons like so many shows, the continuing flexibility offered by regeneration and companion-go-round gives it long haul possibilities beyond the standard. But avoiding oversaturation is key, and I would rather the occasional breather season than a non stop production run that ends up driving the whole thing into the ground.

Actually, I find myself baffled by the negativity of fandom in general lately (not in any way limited to Doctor Who). It's not that it's anything new, it's just sometimes I pop up from my shiny, happy world of sparkles and kittens and rainbows and realize that, wow, I really am living off in a world of my own when it comes to my shows. I'm not so much talking about existence of critical meta or discussions of's more...*ponders*. Okay, the thing is if I'm still watching a show and talking about it, then it's because I love it. And if I love it I want the balance of the time I spend thinking about it to be about the things that make me happy. My first reaction to anything I don't like is almost always "Okay, how can I fix that in my head so it works for me again." The moment at which the balance shifts and I spend more time focusing on what's wrong than what brings me joy is the moment at which I simply stop watching. And I don't look back, except with occasional wistful remembrance of what we once had. Clean break. Those of you who've known me awhile have seen me do it before, and I'll do it again. This is often not at all how fandom as a whole functions, and I just get to the point sometimes where I want to look around and see people talking about what they love more than what they don't. I also want a pony.


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