Stage6 uploading is still down (three days and counting going by the message boards), with no indication of when they'll be back up, but I will update this post with a streaming version as soon as they are. ETA: [ profile] renenet has graciously offered to host on her imeem until Stage6 is back.

Fandom: Doctor Who
Pairing: Doctor/Rose (Nine and Ten)
Song/Artist: Taking Chances by Celine Dion

Right click, save-as this link to download: Taking Chances (48 MB, DivX file)

Notes: When I jokingly said that Sweet Charity meant a person could buy and make me vid Doctor/Rose to Celine Dion I didn't think anyone would actually make me do it. I forgot that I knew [ profile] boniblithe and that she IS EVIL. But I do, and she is, so I did. With many thanks to my ever trusty beta [ profile] renenet, and the many people who kept me from throwing myself off a cliff while making this. :D

embedded streaming imeem version behind cut )


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