Made for the VVC 2011 Blast From The Past challenge.

Title: (Keep Feeling) Fascination
Artist: The Human League
Fandom: Valley Girl

Summary: He's like, totally tripendicular, fer sure.

Download (42.5 MB) right-click, save as.

password: tripendicular

Fascination from fan eunice on Vimeo.

Notes: I kinda feel the need to state for the record that I don't actually approve of stalking. Except my inner 13 year old who was utterly obsessed with this movie and lacked a clear understanding of boundaries totally does and would like grown up me to know that it's not really a felony if you're meant to be together and when did I start hating true love.

There was never any question I was going to vid this movie when Blast From The Past was the challenge, not only did it convince my adolescent self that puking in an alley was a sign of devotion, I actually frequented that exact mall, sitting in that exact food court squeeing about Duran Duran over Hot Dog on a Stick, and later when I was 17 I spent a memorable summer hanging out in West Hollywood, so yeah. This movie. And thank you VVC for giving me an excuse because otherwise this vid would still exist, I just wouldn't have any excuse at all for it. :)

Also, the credits got sorta messed up on web export and I can't seem to fix them but they are supposed to be shinier than that. /shrug
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