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( Sep. 10th, 2007 08:04 pm)
Years ago, I used to watch movies all the time. And by all the time I mean, everything. Good, bad, and absolutely horrible. I got kicked out of 7th grade for ditching school to movie hop at the local theater, where I'd watch everything that was playing. I cleaned out the local video store on a regular basis. I miss that. I shouldn't. I'm paying out the nose for cable that provides me with a billion channels of movies, including the ridiculously priced pay channels, right there at my fingertips, any time I want them with the whole onDemand thing. I think maybe it is the overwhelming number of choices that is stopping me. So, to preserve the random I ask you for help.

Give me a channel (HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, or the Free Movies) and a letter of the alphabet. I will watch the first movie in the onDemand listings for that channel either starting with that letter, or if there is none with the letter that comes right after that. The more of you that comment, the more likely I will stumble across something either really good or fantastically horrible. I pinky swear to abide by whatever comes up, so think what horrors you could be putting me through. I also promise to tell you what it is you made me watch, but there might be whining.

Hit me.


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