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( Oct. 14th, 2008 12:51 pm)
I managed not to sleep at all last night because I'm special like that. Which means I am now trying desperately to stay awake long enough that I fall asleep at least close to a regular hour tonight so my schedule isn't completely messed up. So tired. Send coffee.

Perhaps I will try to continue the Bones marathon I started thanks to Tara loaning me the DVDs awhile back. The show did not grab me when it first started airing, but I'm finding myself quite engaged this second try. Mostly because of Brennan, who just, I love her. I love her and her endearingly odd way of interacting wiht the world SO MUCH. And her friendship with Angela is pretty much the best thing ever, which I'd say even if I wasn't 'shipping the two of them hard core.

Boreanaz, eh, don't hate him, though I wish they'd ease up a bit on the 'I've killed people, and then there was that time when I killed people, do you mind if I brood about my mysterious past which includes killing people for a bit, because, you know, I haven't mentioned that Army Rangers sometimes kill people in ten minutes...let me be extra threatening...and you know I'll follow it up because I've killed people.' That came out a little crankier than it actually is. Most of the time I'm not fussed about him either way, with flashes of actually liking him. Team science love? Oh yes, LOVE. Bless their socially inept geeky little hearts. Not sure if I'll go fannish, but not a bad way to pass the time at all. I'm just about finished with the first season, so we'll see how it goes.

Holy crap, I am tired. Someone pinch me to keep me awake?


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