I said I was going to talk more about vidding right? Here I go, because this morning I opened up Premiere again to work on the epic season 5 Doctor Who vid that I keep stalling out on and one of the issues I keep having is one that I meant to bring up at the Big Emotion panel that we didn't have time to go into great detail on (I think we did briefly address it, but I kinda don't remember a lot of what was said because public speaking freaks me the hell out).

Basically, as the post title says how do we apply Kenny Rogers advice and know when to hold 'em in a vid? Long clips are bad right? Except when they are good. For drawing out tension (build, motherfucker!), for allowing a particular emotion to settle and wiggle under the skin and stay there (perhaps I should not watch so much Monster Inside Me on Animal Planet because I just freaked myself out), a well placed slow reveal or long clip can utterly wreck your audience or leave them primed and ready to be wrecked in the best way (see [profile] sockkpuppet's work for some amazing examples of this).

My issue remains the argument in my own head that happens every time I do this between 'too long, you are boring the shit out of your audience' and 'not long enough! you haven't snared them yet!'
Sometimes it is obvious (the long slow pull back on McMurphy's face in Mother Mary and the slooow pan up to the Elm St. sign with Freddy's shadow on the street in Legends Never Die were gimmes), but most of the time I find myself kinda lost?

And this current vid I'm working on has a lot of spaces where this choice has to be made due to it's structure and I continue to flail all over the timeline trying to decide, changing my mind, deciding again, changing again. I swear to god this first verse alone has had so many reincarnations I think it is approaching enlightenment, I will not be surprised if the next time I look at it all clips are replaced with a single one that simply tells me there is no spoon or some shit.

So. When do you hold 'em? When do you fold 'em? Do you know when to walk away, and when to run? And if you do for the love of the TARDIS share with the class.


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