So, anyway. I'm up through episode 7 of Haven and I just need to say. You guys. The friendship between Audrey and Nathan is currently my new favorite thing in the whole world. Like, I don't even care if the things arc goes anywhere at all if I can just sit here and watch the two of them investigate things together on my screen. Because everything about the way they interact with each other makes my face go :D :D :D :D :D A LOT. And because I am often shallow it does not hurt that I would not kick either one of them out of bed for eating crackers.

And that's before we even get to Duke, because this show loves me SO MUCH that it is teasing me with his relationships with both of them individually and together, which are mashing other buttons of mine VERY HARD. I think I need more time with Duke for me to become invested in him individually, but I'm right there in feeling where he belongs is with them.

*flaps hands around*

Yes, Haven was a very good television decision.
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Oh hey I didn't even see this post, since I ran into the NOT OKAY one first! I completely and totally hundred percent agree with the awesome AudreyandNathan partnership. They are competent, hilarious, loyal and brave and clever and and and. They solve things! They have each other's back! They tease each other about things like decoupage and forgetting everyone's name! HEARTS.


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