Fandom: Doctor Who
Song/Artist: Moons of Jupiter/Scruffy the Cat
Character: Tenth Doctor
Description: The Doctor. Now with more Chucks. And hugs. Yup, hugs and Chucks...that about sums it up. Oh, and kittens.
Download: right click, save as (38 MB, Divx file)

imeem streaming

Notes: This vid would not exist had [ profile] heresluck not responded to my desire to vid Ten by throwing hours of delightful music at me until I discovered the absolute JOY that is Scruffy the Cat. Very soon she is planning on making a Scruffy the Cat music post that you should totally be watching and waiting for with much glee. [ETA: She made the post here Yay!] Everyone could use a little Scruffy the Cat in their lives.

With many thanks to [ profile] elynross and [ profile] renenet for beta, and to my peoples for all the hugs and encouragement along the way.

I love feedback like Ten loves hugs. Permanent web link:


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