Vividcon is magic, I had more energy this weekend than I've had in months and managed to do way more than I thought I would. Only two panels and two vidshows (plus premieres/auction/challenge), but because I took it easy I was able to use most of my pep for Club Vivid, and that was awesome. [ profile] jarrow and I had matching Survivor: Vividcon (Outvid, Outhug, Outdance) t-shirts, which we then took off and went barechested when it got too hot and spent the rest of the evening feeling bad for all the people sweating through their clothes. Sadly, Zen made me put my shirt back on to go downstairs, for fear that I would get arrested even without nipples. I danced standing up when I could (er, and when I say dance I mean stood there and shuffled awkwardly in the vague general direction of the music)I , and sat and chair danced when I couldn't. It was, for me, my time to be all 'fuck you, I'm alive' to the universe, and I can't think of a better place to do that than Club Vivid with it's glowsticks and safety and awesome. I will make my Premieres recs when I have a chance to watch the con discs.

But, yes, a fantastic weekend. And I got stuff including a ton of fangirl knitted hats that I love to pieces, and I would thank everyone by name, but I'm sure to leave out someone and then I'll feel bad, because I suck, but consider this a blanket massive squishy hug and please know how much it means to me, I came away from this weekend feeling so very loved and I love you back so MUCH.

Bleh, I really want to talk in detail about all the people I talked to and things we did, but brain still a big mushy mess from con overload plus today was chemo day (double bleh), so I wanna do what I did last year (or was it the year before?). Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to go "hey, remember when..." in comments and I will go "OMG SQUEE, YES I REMEMBER THAT AND THAT OTHER THING TOO", and then we hug and it's almost like being back there again. If you weren't there feel free to make something up :D.

Remember when...go!


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