Hiiiii you guys. You know what the best thing about not being anonymous anymore is? I FINALLY GET TO TALK ABOUT CHINA BEACH. Do you have any idea how frustrating it is to fall in love with a show and it's characters all over again and not be able to say anything? Um, I suppose if you participated in festivids or yuletide you do. BUT OMG IT WAS SO HARD. Because THIS SHOW, HOLY SHIT. It has it's flaws, and some bits that didn't age well and such, but a lot of it does hold up (especially the first season, and the individual characters overall). And these characters, what they went through, how much I LOVE them has been burned into me since I was 14 years old watching the pilot as it aired and being utterly floored. And boy do I ever love them. KC! McMurphy! CHERRY! Boonie! Beckett! Dodger! Dr. Dick! *FLAILY HANDS*

Right so, the only problem here is that rewatching the entire four seasons in one week (I'd not seen it in it's entirety since it aired, only a few episodes, *shakes tiny fist at music rights and the fact that it will never, ever come out on DVD*) is that is a whole lot of concentrated trauma. And what I want now is to be able to rewatch it with some time to breathe in between episodes, and talk about it, and think about it, and share it.

So, I'm going to start watching an episode a week and talking about it here as I do. My question is, who wants to join me? I'm too lazy to upload the entire series at once, but I can certainly remember to upload each episode I'm on as I get to it. For anyone who just wants the entire series in one go, pm me and as long as it's not too many people I can probably just burn it to disc and mail it to you, or if you use TVTorrents they have an active one for the whole series (I don't have any more invites for tvtorrents, sadly).

This show will break your heart, but it is worth it. You want a show with realistic and complex women everywhere? I've got your combat nurse, your prostitute, your idealistic young Red Cross worker, your singer determined to be a star, your army private, your veteran career military, and many many more RIGHT HERE.

You want some boyslash? For serious, dudes in a combat zone hug and touch and declare deep undying affection for each other all the time. Your potential pairings are everywhere (though if you do not slash Boonie/Dodger even a tiny bit I may look at you funny).

So anyway, yes. Show. Watching. You invited. Who's with me? And since I'm curious, if you are, if you've seen it before or if it's a new to you show. So I poll!

[Poll #1519688]

I'll probably start with the pilot tomorrow and stick to Tuesdays from there on out to simple things up (schedules are good for Eunice). Navel gazing about vid making post still to come today.

I'm going to need some China Beach icons.


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