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( Sep. 10th, 2014 10:57 am)
Random post is random. Anyhoo, ever since my son came home on vacation with the news that EA had released the entirety of Sims 2 for free (the offer is now over), I have fallen into a Sims hole that doesn't appear to have any end in sight. I rapidly acquired 3 and started playing that too, and then caved within a day of 4 being released so all three versions are on my computer now and I'm playing all of them. Since I have nothing else going on in my life and it's been forever since I made a post, let us talk about Sims 4.

Basically if you have read the arguments and the howling, all I gotta say is. Fuck the haters, this has the potential to be the best Sims game of all time, and is already a stupid amount of fun, and let me tell you why. The new multi-tasking plus emotions features are, in a nutshell, completely fucking AWESOME particularly when it comes to autonomous decisions by the sims. I wasn't even going to play any of my fannish households until more expansion material came out, but I became so enamoured with how utterly charming the Sims are in 4 with my randomized family (SO CHARMING), that I went ahead and made a John Sheppard and Rodney McKay to stick in a house.

In which I babble about Sim!John's tragic life and a day in the new Sims 4 life with him and Sim!Rodney. Also, a pink unicorn and a robot )


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