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Title: Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise
Artist: The Avett Brothers
Fandom: Stand By Me
Summary: There's a darkness upon me that's flooded with light.

Download (58MB) -- right click/save as

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From: [personal profile] laurashapiro

This is simply magnificent. Aside from the immediate "OMG must watch this movie again right now," I am struck by how incredibly clever the editing is here. The way you parallel the oncoming train with the deer, for instance, or each boy comforting the other when he's in tears. There's a lot of depth and richness here. I'll be rewatching and enjoying.
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That was you? THank you so, SO much! This was all I could have ever asked of a Stand By Me vid, and more. I pretty much gushed all over this vid in the unsigned post already, so this is just another BIG THANK YOU. This vid is so incredibly beautiful.
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*hugs you just as tight*

I totally get that. And I must admit when I saw that "Stand By Me" was one of my gifts, I had a brief moment where I hesitated to click the link because I kept thinking, "Please let this be good. Please let the person who made this vid be someone who understood the film." (Which is probably mean but, you know, I couldn't help it.) But you had me from the beginning (OMG the song! The song! So perfect!) and from the moment where adult!Gordon reads the paper and then the cut to Gordie's Mom doing the laundry and the lyrics go, "And it comes in black and it comes in white and I'm frightened by those who don't see it" I had tears in my eyes. By the first round of "There was a dream" with the boys setting out on the tracks I was fighting back those tears pretty hard, I can tell you.


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Here via a rec by [personal profile] blnchflr. This is such a beautiful and lovely thing. Just gorgeous. Thank you.
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From: [personal profile] renenet

This vid is so gorgeous! And wise. It's one I come back to again and again and never tire of viewing because it gives me so much to chew on as I watch.


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