Been absent for reasons, but why not make a random and utterly shallow post about Arrow out of nowhere? I can't think of a reason not to.

I started marathoning it last week as a method of avoiding vidding and am now in the back half of season 2 (I expect I will finish catching up by tomorrow or the next day). This show is ridiculously fun you guys. If you're not watching it already, give it a go. There are many, many reasons why I have ended up clapping my hands like a baby seal while watching. Many. Most of them related to the kind of absurd OTT superheroes/villians and the world they live in tropes that just please me in my soul and continually make me regret that (despite multiple efforts) the format of print comics does not, in general, work for me. Also, everyone ever shows up on it eventually. No, really everyone. You start thinking they have to run out of 'OMG that actor just showed up TOO?' moments eventually. Except they don't, they just keep on coming.

But I'm even shallower than that in terms of what can get me to make an actual post on the internet these days. Yeah, shipping. Obviously, anyone who has met me for more than five seconds would have known I'd jump on Felicity/Oliver practically from the second they met (I did). Brains/Brawn is towards the very top of my 'autoship' list. Make it awkward sciency brains plus emotionally broken brawn fighting crime and it may as well have been giftwrapped with a bow and a card saying 'For Eunice Specifically' on it. I ship it so hard you don't even know.

And then. AND THEN. So I've been flirting with various OT3 and multishipping options all along 'cause that's how I roll, and will likely do so for as long as I'm watching (particularly when they give me so many reasons to). BUT OH MY GOD, and now I cut because the very existence of this character is a spoiler:

Oliver/Felicity/Sara you guys. *grabs internet by the shoulders and shakes it*. YOU GUYS. *flails incoherently at the various dynamics that exist between the three of them separately and together*. I have it so bad. So bad. I can't tell you how happy it makes me. TWO awkward sciency brains/emotionally broken brawn parings in one OT3, and one of which is between women. plus bonus emotionally damaged brawn hotness to the second power. I'm just...overwhelmed by the three of them continually giving me exactly what I want for shipping purposes as any two or all three share a screen together. Granted, I have not finished season 2 yet, but at this perfect moment in my shipping life I am surrounded by puppies and rainbows and balloons making high pitched squeaky noises only dogs can hear at each new episode.

And hell, if it all falls apart I still have my original OT3 leanings of Oliver/Felicity/Diggle, which is a dynamic I still love a lot, but provokes more AWWW BUDDYSHIP, COOKIES AND CUDDLES FOR EVERYONE feelings in me than falling on the floor in a fit of heartclutching pointing and flailing. Hell, I'd go OT4 in this situation, I think, but for not quite finding my way in to Sara/Diggle. Well, yet. It is me, I'll probably find a way eventually.
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From: [personal profile] nestra

Slade! Slaaaaaaaade.

Also Felicity! And Oliver! And Diggle! And Sara!
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From: [personal profile] kuwdora

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh I will have to tell you ALL ABOUT my Arrow vidsong for when I can vid again. THIS SHOOOOOW. JUST WAIT. SEASON 2 GETS AMAZINGER AS IT CLOSES IN ON THEIR SEASON FINALE
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From: [personal profile] kuwdora

ahahah, yes, yes I will. I will probably be making many Arrow vids over the next few years because omfg show. I'm just about ready to admit that I need to set-up a clip database because of all the things I will be wanting to put on the timeline.

I mean, Sara's manpain out-manpains Oliver's and I need the riiiightest song for that because how amazing is Sara.

I also need to do the shallow shirtless Oliver and Diggle and sexy heroes and villains vid

and the show will continue to tease me with Felicity and Oliver and I will probably vid that because Felicity is BEST



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I have a Sara song, if you're interested in seeing if it would work for you. I'm not going to use it. I want a general show song and I haven't been able to find one.

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I have a Sara song... I'm not going to use it. I want a general show song and I haven't been able to find one.

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From: [personal profile] vonniek


You have no idea how happy it makes me that so many of my favourite vidders are diggin' this show *and* are actively looking for vidsongs for it.

*muffled squee*
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Oh my god, Becca. How could you get it so wrong? It's not Oliver/Felicity/Diggle + Oliver/Felicity/Sara, it's Oliver/Felicity Diggle + Felicity/Sara + Oliver/salmon ladder/Sara. IMPORTANT DISTINCTION. (Though maybe the salmon ladder is up for a foursome. Maybe.)
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From: [personal profile] heresluck

THIS SHOW. This show really should *not* have pushed my buttons except all of a sudden IT DID.

::flails with you::
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From: [personal profile] heresluck

"Get over yourself AND UNDER FELICITY." Ahem.


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