Song: Step By Step
Artist: New Kids On The Block
Fandom: The Amazing Race (Jonathan and Harley)

Summary: Jonathan and Harley really want to get to Phil...step by step. Made for [personal profile] jarrow who I love more than the kittens in this vid but not more than Jonathan Knight, which jarrow totally understands.

Download link: Step By Step Download (right-click the link and save as, 51 mb)

Notes: So you know how I missed the last few days posting? This is the reason. My last post got me and [personal profile] jarrow talking about his crush since childhood on Jonathan Knight (FOR GOOD REASON) and I was, like, I should vid something by NKOTB to make up for my snotty teenage self I made [personal profile] jarrow a prezzie. And in the process got even MORE squishy about Jonathan to the point, you guys, I seriously want to put posters all over my wall and go back in time so I can subscribe to whatever Teen Beat type magazine in the 80s had features on what his favorite cereal is and stuff. *facepalm*
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