Sticky all purpose feedback post, now with correct information!

Vids made since mid-2007 can be found under the 'my vids' tag or at the Dreamwidth, Livejournal and AO3 (coming soon!) posts for each vid. Earlier vids at

Warnings Policy

Times Like These (All Dogs Go To Heaven) DW|LJ|AO3

You Were A Kindness (Witness) DW|LJ|AO3

I Wanna Rock (Storm Chasers) DW|LJ|AO3

Barton Hollow (Homeland) DW|LJ|AO3

Hoping Machine (Harry Potter) DW|LJ|AO3

Love Hurts (Haven, Nathan cries on a beach challenge) DW|LJ|AO3

When My Boy Walks Down The Street (Ferris Beuller's Day Off) DW|LJ|AO3

Bad Karma (Legend of Billie Jean) DW|LJ|AO3

Bad Moon Rising (Beetlejuice) DW|LJ|AO3

Poor, Poor, Pitiful Me (Mythbusters) DW|LJ|AO3

Shine (Thelma & Louise) DW|LJ|AO3

Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise (Stand By Me) DW|LJ|AO3

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (Once a Thief) DW|LJ|AO3

(Keep Feeling) Fascination(Valley Girl) DW|LJ|AO3

Roll With the Changes (How To Train Your Dragon) DW|LJ|AO3

November Rain (Blade Runner) DW|LJ|AO3

Father and Daughter (Punky Brewster) DW|LJ|AO3

So You Say (Little House on the Prairie) DW|LJ|AO3

Unsound (Smallville) DW|LJ|AO3

Legends Never Die (Nightmare On Elm Street) DW|LJ|AO3

The Eleventy Project, an attempt to vid every episode of S5 as it airs. (Doctor Who)
  • Break The Night With Color (episode 5x10) DW|LJ|AO3
  • Sunglasses at Night (episodes 5x08 & 5x09) DW|LJ|AO3
  • I (episode 5x07) DW|LJ|AO3
  • Twilight Omens (episode 5x06) DW|LJ|AO3
  • Can You See The Lights (episodes 5x04 & 5x05) DW|LJ|AO3
  • Voulez-Vous (episode 5x03) DW|LJ|AO3
  • See Who I Am (episode 5x02) DW|LJ|AO3
  • Walking On Sunshine (episode 5x01) DW|LJ|AO3

Mother Mary (China Beach) DW|LJ|AO3

Now and Then (China Beach) DW|LJ|AO3

Simon Says (Doomsday) DW|LJ|AO3

Dreams (Marley & Me) DW|LJ|AO3

Charles In Charge (Nightmare On Elm Street) DW|LJ|AO3

TKO (itty bitty titty committee) DW|LJ|AO3

Then The Morning Comes (Galaxy Quest) DW|LJ|AO3

Never Loved A Man (Doctor Who) DW|LJ|AO3

Ever Fallen In Love (Hard Core Logo) DW|LJ|AO3

Papa Don't Preach w/greensilver (Torchwood/Doctor Who) DW|LJ|AO3

Taking Chances (Doctor Who) DW|LJ|AO3

And She Was (Doctor Who) DW|LJ|AO3

Don't Touch That Dial (Doctor Who) DW|LJ|AO3

Moons of Jupiter (Doctor Who) DW|LJ|AO3

Forever Young (Highlander) website only

Whatever It Takes (Bend it Like Beckham) website only

Lullaby (Dead Poets Society) website only

Running Down A Dream (SGA) website only

Swing Down Chariot (Dogma) website only
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