Reveals are live, yay! Time to claim mah vids and point you to the official download, signed streaming posts (links lead to them). :)

For [ profile] barkley, two China Beach vids. Mother Mary and Now and Then

and for [ profile] suburbannoir, a Doomsday vid. Simon Says

I have a long navel gazing post to make about the process of making these vids, and how it happened that I, who am lucky to finish three vids in a year, ended up making three festivids. But that can wait till tomorrow. Happy festivids again, guys.

And [ profile] rebecca2525 OMG *thank you*...I am made so very happy by those Die Hard vids I can't RAWK.

I would say thank you to [ profile] sisabet for making me the Facts of Life vid of my dreams, but she is a lying liar who LIES (oh god, I love you so much thankyouthankyouthankyou) P.S. there is even MORE Jo/Blair awesome in the longer download, if you didn't know so you should go get it.


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