Eighth in the Eleventy Project

Song: Break The Night With Color
Artist: Richard Ashcroft
Fandom: Doctor Who
Spoilers: 5x10-- Vincent and the Doctor

Summary: I don't want to know your secrets.

Download--52 MB (right click, save as)

Notes: Well...only a few months late, but the Eleventy Project is officially back on.

password = vincent

break the night with color from fan eunice on Vimeo.

regicidaldwarf: (Doctor Who - Eleventy bein silly)

From: [personal profile] regicidaldwarf

Vinceeeeeent! ;____; This was lovely. I feel like I need to watch it multiple times to tease it's secrets out, but it has at least reminded me how much I loved that episode and this show. ♥
laurashapiro: The Doctor grab's Amy's hand as she holds the apple (amy and eleven)

From: [personal profile] laurashapiro

It's fucking perfect. Just perfect. Makes my heart hurt in all the right ways.

Thank you! I'm so happy you made this!
darthfangirl: the thirteenth doctor (doctor who - eleven/vincent/amy)

From: [personal profile] darthfangirl

OMG, YAY! I'll definitely be downloading this when I get home from work! *bounces excitedly*
darthfangirl: the thirteenth doctor (doctor who - eleven/vincent)

From: [personal profile] darthfangirl

...better late than never?

Of course! ;-) And now that I've seen it I can definitely say it was worth the wait (not that I ever doubted it). Beautiful vid for a beautiful episode. <3
bop_radar: Boppy default (Boppy default)

From: [personal profile] bop_radar

Oh, HONEY! You captured everything I completely love about this episode so wonderfully! I'm going to be watching this one sooooo much.

I never posted about Who for ... well many reasons actually ... but this episode hit me hard and deeply. I loved so much about its portrayal of mental illness and depression and particularly the fact that they showed that it can't be easily understood or fixed, that it results in an actual different experience of of life. And of course that there can be beauty in the madness. Oh, Vincent!

I am sure we all have our personal relationship with him as an artist but my own was that stumbling on Sunflowers in London in the National Gallery at 18, I understood for the first time that visual art could transfix someone. (Hey, I was an Aussie kid, we're not that cultured!)

The two moments I actually love most in this vid are at 0.54 (Eleven's expression after 'nothing ever does') followed soon after by the sunflowers on the coffin (gorgeous metaphor). Amy breathes life into the sunflowers (and Vincent) briefly, but they shine brighter for their juxtaposition with the haunted imagery.

Thank you SO MUCH for making this! Now I don't have to. :)
dira: Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier (Amy - TARDIS)

From: [personal profile] dira


You just made me tear up in a coffee shop, but I valiantly managed not to actually cry. I love this--it so encapsulates the episode and evokes all the different secrets and troubles they're all carrying.

And I'm thrilled to see you resuming the Eleventy project! I was really looking forward to Collecting the Whole Set. :)
such_heights: amy and rory looking at a pile of post (stock: van gogh [starry night])

From: [personal profile] such_heights

a;lskdja;s oh my god this is so gorgeous and perfect and ack, crying now.

skywaterblue: (Spock by Van Gogh)

From: [personal profile] skywaterblue

This is fucking astonishing. What a song choice. I need to watch it again and again, after I have a good cry.
mresundance: (Van Gogh's sunflowers)

From: [personal profile] mresundance

I really loved this vid. I loved how skillfully you wove their three POV's together. I really really really loved Vincent's part and how completely you made it his POV - when really there is not a lot of the source that actually is his POV. Vincent was seen through Amy and the Doctor's (and, by proxy, the audience's) eyes mostly. It takes real skill to shift a narrative that doesn't explicitly include a certain POV and use that POV nonetheless.

*hugs vid and you*

Hey, I sent you an email via lj a week ago - did it work? If not, email me: mresundance @ gmail dot com when you have a minute. I assume it will take you awhile to get settled in once you get in Colorado. The autumn has been beautiful so far though. The leaves and grass are just beginning to amber but the air is still warm and drowsy like summer.
mresundance: (beautiful / bliss / pilgrim)

From: [personal profile] mresundance

Oh sweetie! *hugs you and your hedgehogs* :D

That's ok re: the email. I just thought lj hadn't delievered it, really. But I totally understand the freaking out and take all the time you need. I know it's hard and I wish you could pack all your friends up with you and we could all be in the same place. So many people have taken such good care of you and love you so much and not without reason!
voleuse: the eleventh doctor (doctor who | eleven)

From: [personal profile] voleuse

This is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing it.
sol_se: (Default)

From: [personal profile] sol_se

This is wonderful! Vincent was such a great character. I love how you've captured this episode.
sisabet: (Default)

From: [personal profile] sisabet

It's like he has 99 problems or something...
chaila: Diana SWORDFIGHTING in a BALLGOWN. (river song!)

From: [personal profile] chaila

This is gorgeous, just perfectly bittersweet.
jenwryn: (doctor who • amy; the universe spins)

From: [personal profile] jenwryn

This is... really, really beautiful. And captures so much about what I loved in that episode. Thank you. ♥
srevans: (Default)

From: [personal profile] srevans

What a lovely meditation on the episode-- there's a great balance between "things go wrong today" and the quiet, beautiful moments the characters share with each other. It's about adding to their piles of good things.

This has been one of mine today; thank you.

From: [identity profile] tearful-eye.livejournal.com

oh, how beautiful <3
that was probably my favorite episode of the season & you really did it justice. i liked this so much! *sniffles*
shinyjenni: Amy, River, Eleven and Rory from Doctor Who; text reads "intellect and romance" (team tardis season 31 style)

From: [personal profile] shinyjenni

Really beautiful, and so moving: I loved this.
milly: (Default)

From: [personal profile] milly

This episode is one of my favorite DW episode ever, even though it thoroughly breaks my hear every single time I watch it and... wow, did you do it justice with this vid <3


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