Opinions please! Yes, I'm still neck deep in Sims 4. In fact, I need your help! I've got John and Rodney leveled up exactly where I want them to be (kept meaning to update, but short version is their antics are still hilarious to me) and am comfortable enough playing them/familiar with the new game mechanics that it's time to move the rest of the team in the house and start populating the rest of the town with various atlantis and sg-1 people so I can rotate and watch the madness unfold (I have plans for a Genii house on the same block as AR-1, so I can play the evil/mischief aspirations with Koyla in particular and torture John....shut up, I only do it because I love him).

ANYWAY. My issue is that I have no idea what to do with Ronon. Even though there is currently not a politician option for Teyla, there is the Friend of the World aspiration and it is traditional that I give her gardening as a hobby in my Sims games (which will also bring in enough money that she won't need a regular job and give her a second aspiration once she's Friend of the World). But for Ronon I'm sitting here looking at the options for both aspirations/hobbies and careers and I can't quite get a handle on how to play him. Career and/or aspiration goals? I'm STUMPED. Can't give him the fishing aspiration because NO ONE gets that until I have played Jack O'Neill through it. None of the tech options are appropriate. Space Ranger only goes to SGC military personnel IMO, and Space Smuggler doesn't feel like the right fit either so I think astronaut is out. Help me choose, y'all.

These are the aspirations I currently have to choose from

These are the career options

I don't necessarily have to have both. Rodney has no official career except for briefly when he needed to level up in the tech career for the computer whiz aspiration after he finished Nerd Brain (he does make a butt ton of money now that he's leveled up freelancing/programming from home). I can either give him a throwaway aspiration and ignore it in favor of concentrating on entirely on a career. Or I can have him be a stay-at-home sim and focus solely on an aspiration. Or a combination of the two.

So, I dunno. Secret Agent who does woodworking in his spare time is I think where I'm leaning? HELP ME OUT.
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