I keep reading over and over that most Trump voters aren't really racist/sexist/homophobic. They were just voting for this other thing (usually economic concerns, which...well, I won't get into that right now but wtf), and if we just took the time to understand them and listen to them they wouldn't have voted for Trump. They think that is both comforting and a way forward.

It isn't.

Let me respond with an analogy. For this analogy we will be using a puppy, on account of unlike when it comes to women, people of color, and the LGBT+, people have actual empathy to spare for puppies.

Here is a hungry man. He genuinely hasn't eaten in a week and has every right to be upset and angry about that and he's miffed at those he perceives are responsible for his hunger. Before him stands two candidates. One offers him a turkey sandwich for his vote. The other offers a steak dinner, and also he will be kicking the shit out of this puppy. The man votes for the steak dinner and then watches as a puppy get the shit kicked out of it. You say, "Okay, but he's not a bad person. He was hungry. If you had just focused on how a sandwich isn't a filling meal the puppy would have been safe."

Yes. Yes he motherfucking is a bad person who needs to goddamn feel bad. And ashamed. And he's just told me that he believes the safety of that puppy rests not in it's inherent right not to get the shit kicked out of it, but how full his stomach is. Fuck you.

And if you think for one second that when he sits down to eat his steak and discovers it is actually a shit sandwich that he's going to blame anyone but the puppy for it, you're wrong. You're so very, very wrong. That puppy is dead.

You can "reach out" to these fuckers all you want. I don't care. Fuck them. Seriously, fuck them. Fuck their issues. Fuck their wallets. Fuck their concerns. It is NOT reasonable to hold someone else's basic human rights hostage for...well. Anything. Ever.

If all you are offered is a crust of bread against a steak and puppy kicking, you choose the crust of bread. If all you are offered is starvation against puppy kicking, your last ounce of energy before you pass out should be spent putting your body in front of that puppy to protect it. Anything less does, in fact, MAKE YOU A BAD PERSON.

Note: not you guys. The wider internet. I'm just posting this here because...howling scream of frustration into the wind?
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From: [personal profile] dorinda

Howl away, sister.

Not to mention all the voting-for-puppy-kickers who aren't themselves even that hungry. MAYBE they get fewer steaks lately than they're used to, or maybe they're just convinced that THOSE PEOPLE OVER THERE are planning to get their steaks, better get the puppykicker in here, he agrees with me that I should have all the steaks all the time and he can make it rain steaks forever amen.

I wonder why it's always us who are expected to reach out and understaaaaaaand the worldview of the selfish, cruel, and morally empty. I don't see them reaching out to us, but for some reason right now it seems so very important to them that we reach reach reach. People say 'oh they're just scared, that's why they do these things'. Oh, ARE THEY? Well SO AM I, but I don't see any of them hopping over here to comfort and understand me.
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From: [personal profile] gwyn

Yeah, mostly they're crowing about the return to America being great white again and laughing at the "libtards."

I had someone on my flist who kept saying that Brexit voters weren't all racists and homophobic and whatnot, and whining about why people couldn't see that and stop making the reason that reasonable people were voting to leave. And I wrote this: "You know, if you're on your way to something where the road's a little scary and people are struggling, and your walk is a bit long, or the bus isn't coming for a long time, it's understandable to be tired and wish for a ride. But when a clown car comes along plastered with stickers saying HATE and ANTISEMITES and ANTIMUSLIMS and KILL BLACKS and FEMINAZIS DIE and a bunch of white-hooded clowns are honking horns and screaming at you to get in, it's great, Britain's gonna be so great again and you look down the road and then actively CHOOSE TO GET IN, then you're a fucking racist, misogynist, dangerous clown at that point. You lie down with dogs, you get fleas." But then I hit the back button because I knew there was no point in posting it, but it just buuuurned in me every time I saw her whining about this.

I saw this in the comments of my local little news source--not everyone who votes for Trump is a racist or misogynist. Yes, yes you are. But I'm a single woman living alone and I'm terrified of speaking up because I've seen what happens to people who do.
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From: [personal profile] jetpack_monkey

I cussed out a (now-ex) friend who voted for Trump on Facebook. He told me to get off my high horse, given the awful language I was using. But you know, he wishes me well and hopes that I get over my narrow viewpoint.

I didn't want to engage him further, but man, so many things to say. He gets *no points* for being the calm person. He stood to lose *nothing* with *either* candidate, but he chose the hateful bigot. Whatever small gains he might get with Trump are not worth what so many others will lose.

If I hurt his feelings with my words, I'm okay with that. He did actual damage to my friends and family with his vote. He doesn't get to even look at the high ground until he figures that out.

I'm here and I'm down to fight.
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From: [personal profile] elipie

This is the best analogy I've ever heard.
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From: [personal profile] alchemise

I'm just getting caught up on DW after avoiding most of the internet the past week and damn have you ever captured my feelings here perfectly. I had a long chat with a friend who wants to learn how to reach out to those people and I'm just, fuck them. They chose this.


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