Challenge met! How succesfully is up for debate, but Nathan is now officially crying on a beach!

Title: Love Hurts
Artist: Nazareth
Fandom: Haven

Summary: Nathan Wuornos has a LOT OF FEELINGS. About Audrey. On a beach. So many feelings. If you notice a shortage of feelings in the world supply it's because Nathan has all of them. Along with my heart.

Download(39 MB)--right click, save

Password: crying

God, so many thanks to [personal profile] trelkez for playing reindeer games with me in my time of need. It was a bit terrifying to make a vid in 24 hours (um, and the 24 hour part shows), but also fun and I have missed sharing a fandom with her where spontaneous insanity occurs. <3 <3 <3 [personal profile] trelkez. And as soon as I have the link to her entry I will give it here so that you may also sample Nathan's pain in Duke flavor. edit: she posted! it's up here! yay!
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From: [personal profile] dorinda


Is it mean for me to love his suffering? Well, if so, who can blame me--I mean, he suffers so beautifully that I CAN'T HELP IT.

Man you hit that nail right on the head (har har). He can't feel anything physically, and he so wants to (love the shot of him pressing at his palm with the fork--plus stuff like him slicing his palm open)--but he feels far too much emotionally, with none of the protection that his Trouble provides. It is wondrous to him, those rare moments when he can sense a physical touch (I love the logy/dazed look he gets when that happens); and it is agonizing to him, those many times when something jabs him deep in the sensitive feelings. As far as his physicality goes, he could use a dose of the sensitivity he has on the inside--and as far as his emotions go, he really could use some of that neuropathy! If only he could blend his physical and mental self, and use the coping mechanisms of one to help with the other.

But he can't. Suffering! (\o/)
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From: [personal profile] dorinda

Poor Nathan. Hurting hurts. Not hurting hurts.

It's like a Zen koan! And absolutely true.

I have wondered if he would be so sensitive were it not for the Troubles. How much it affected his emotional development as a child, and then how he experiences emotions as an adult now that they're back.

Oh, gads, excellent questions to mull over. Yeah, re: his childhood, it seems especially fraught because, along with the sudden-onset condition and all of its difficulties, plus its role in setting him apart from his peers (like when we hear about the thumbtack incident), there's the whole larger issue of the Troubles being a matter of shame and trauma among the adults of the town (especially Garland, given his own closeted Trouble). So it's like Nathan suddenly came down with something that carries a bigger social burden than a non-Trouble illness/disability would have.

I wouldn't be at all surprised if the Troubles were a big part of making him the sensitive person he is (both in terms of his own emotions, and also in his compassion for others)--he got some hard and complicated lessons very early, in a strange, seemingly-arbitrary way. And then it disappeared seemingly just as randomly, which must have left a mark of its own.

and then how he experiences emotions as an adult now that they're back

Oh, NATHAN. After enough years without his condition, he must have been able to take its absence for granted, and even think of it as gone for good. Maybe even not think of it at all sometimes (unless, I suppose, Garland had enough knowledge of the appearance/disappearance cycles to constantly try to be the Voice Of Warning at Nathan or something, but that's a whole other interpersonal issue I bet Nathan would have resisted). And then HERE IT IS AGAIN. Post-traumatic isn't the half of it., he's gonna make me cry on a beach, and I'm not even near a beach.

(And at last I have a Nathan icon!)
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From: [personal profile] dorinda

I went browsing in [ profile] haventv_icons, and found a link to this post in [ profile] untold_verity, by [ profile] pasadora, with some Nathan, some Audrey, and some Nathan/Audrey. (No Duke, sadly.) You could have that exact icon if you wanted--she doesn't seem to require that each of her icons only have one user!

all I can see is his WEE TINY BABY NATHAN FACE and it's pain and I cry on a beach in my soul.

:'''''( ( there an emoticon for crying on a beach?)
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From: [personal profile] jetpack_monkey

I heart you. You made a Love Hurts vid work in a fandom I am 99% unfamiliar with.
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From: [personal profile] rivkat

Aww! Poor Nathan! I think it's just that the OT3 doesn't work without Duke!
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From: [personal profile] mresundance

I think I need to watch this show now, because. YES. ALL THE FEELINGS.

Also, Audrey is cute.
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From: [personal profile] killabeez

My love for you cannot be textually rendered. Laughing through tears is my favorite emotion, and you just gave me a huge, huge present with a big Nathan-angst bow on top. OH NATHAN.

I consider that my worth in fandom will henceforth be measured by the fact that I am Patient 0 for Haven, and I have infected Only the Best People through a vector of accidental genius.


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