Vividcon premiere, YAY!

Title: Roll With the Changes
Artist: REO Speedwagon
Fandom: How To Train Your Dragon

Summary: I'll be here when you are ready.

Download, 45.9 MB (right-click, save as)

password: toothless

Roll With The Changes from fan eunice on Vimeo.

Notes: For [personal profile] dualbunny. 'Cause she's awesome. Feedback/comments of any kind is welcomed with hugs and dragon rides.
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From: [personal profile] gorgeousnerd

The vid made me happy-teary, which I take as a very good thing since the movie makes me teary in exactly the same way. Excellent work!
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From: [personal profile] everysecondtuesday


*waves hands happily*
alchemise: True Blood: Godric smiling with bloody mouth (TB: :D)

From: [personal profile] alchemise

I've never seen the movie, but that was adorable!! :D
heresluck: (firefly: zoe/wash)

From: [personal profile] heresluck

I just put the movie in my Netflix queue. I HOPE YOU'RE HAPPY.

Loved the vid, seriously -- I may have more to say about that after a rewatch -- and it was the perfect vid for a con in which we were all, I think, trying to make sure to tell each other how much we care about each other. We all need someone to catch us when we fall, and as someone who's been buoyed up again and again over the years by fandom in general and my fandom friends in particular, this vid really spoke to me on that level too.

In conclusion, ♥!
cee_m: (Default)

From: [personal profile] cee_m

I already told you but I absolutely loved this. The movie has been added to my netflix so that I can watch it again with context. :)


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