A lot has happened in the lives of Sim John and Rodney, which I might write up later...some of it good, some hilariously bad, and some what hell (seriously, John and his unicorn). Also they are accidentally engaged now (I know it's too soon for that, but John was sad and jealous and Rodney and I panicked, okay...it'll be a long engagement). BUT JUST NOW. I. They've had a really active couple of days and today I was like, you know what I want? I want some boringly fluffy domestic curtain fic for a little while. And John just got promoted and had a space mission go really well, and Rodney leveled up in the observatory so I thought it might be nice reward for them too (shut up, I've become emotionally attatched). I SHOULD'VE KNOWN BETTER.

He gets up earlier than Rodney because of his work schedule (and Rodney stays up late to study the stars). But, he likes solitude and excercise. So I had him start the coffee and go off for a nice early morning jog while the neighborhood was still asleep, which put him in a great mood. He was singing in the shower and everything. And we thought, John and I, you know what would be nice? If when Rodney woke up there was not just coffee but pancakes! A nice leisurely breakfast together before a cozy day at home playing chess and telling dumb jokes and perhaps a bit of woohoo in the rocket ship later. We were looking forward to it! John was humming while he was making pancakes, Rodney was just waking up. I was sitting here like a big dork with hearts in my eyes, like, AWWWW THIS SIM DAY IS GOING TO BE SO CUTE.

So of course John lit his face on fire. OF COURSE HE DID. I have been so careful letting him near the stove. I made him read cooking books to level up, and practice enough that I thought he was beyond this. But, no, it is not the Sims if John doesn't light himself on fire. So light himself on fire he did. And the nice cozy domestic morning I'd planned turned into a panic filled scream fest, and instead of waking up to find coffee, pancakes, and a boyfriend in a great mood, Rodney had to leap out of bed half asleep and save John's on fire ass. I was too busy trying to keep John from dying to get caps during. But I got this one right after along with his current mood,

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From: [personal profile] thirdblindmouse

Hee! There's nothing like setting your face on fire to make you feel a little tense.
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HEE HEE HEE. Oh, John. Being on fire metaphorically is great (with lust for Rodney, f'rex), but literally? Not so much. :D


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